Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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“Notorious” Ruth Bader Ginsburg in “My Own Words”

Writings on feminism, fairness, and equal and civil rights. Why an opera libretto?

Mitch McConnell’s Supreme Choice

Do your job, Mitch.

Bernie Sanders, a Thinker’s Troublemaker

A swing back to the political left is far overdue.

The Case of the U.S. Senate vs. Barack Obama

I don't envy the President right now.

2016 at the Supreme Court: As Political as the Election

This year’s decisions will be especially explosive.

Unpacking Planned Parenthood

At some point we have to agree on what life is and when it begins.

The Next President, the Supreme Court & Vital Decisions

What are the various Presidential candidates' visions for the Court?

The Myopic Politics of Gay Marriage

The focus on marriage equality ignores other, even more important, queer political agendas

Marriage Equality for GOP America? What a Trip!

Thanks for flying Intolerant Airlines!

How to Judge Judges and Politicians

And when to run for cover.

SCOTUS Could Also Disappoint Everyone

Don’t be surprised if very few are happy with the results.

Supreme Court Telegraphs Huge Blow To Obamacare?

"Plain meaning" may mean anything but.

Why the Bill of Rights Is Our “Ultimate Responsibility”

We seldom think of these amendments as creating responsibilities.

The Fraud of Voter Fraud

Let’s break down the two most terrible outcomes from the disastrous Supreme Court ruling.

Gay Marriage, Obamacare, Facebook, Fish: SCOTUS Is Back!

The moral? Never, ever tell a fish story again.

Handicapping the End of the Supreme Court Term

As Roberts marches right, Kennedy determines the direction.

National Security Depends on Press Freedom

The federal courts spit on the Constitution, hoping you’ll think backwards.

From Rand Paul to ACLU, Killer Drones Rise Again as Issue

Assassinating an American enters a judicial appointment debate, while argument also grows over CIA-military drone exchange.

Climate Change Action Blocked by Money

We’re closer to a plutocracy, now, than a democracy.

What Is Your Candidate Really For?

No ballot will allow you to vote against a member of Congress.
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