Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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After Mass Shootings, What’s an Arts Communicator to Do?

Every time I sat down to write this article, I thought I'd have more time.

Not #MeToo

#MeToo obscures the differences between the questionable or creepy and the truly dangerous or criminal.

Meet the Group Standing Up to Your White Nonsense

The volunteer-run White Nonsense Roundup is fighting racism on social media.

“Elite” Is Not a Dirty Word

Elitism is the only thing that can save the democratic world order.

Why Kathy Griffin Shouldn’t Apologize

Kathy Griffin holding Trump's severed "head" deserved no apology.

Now Hiring: Editors, Contributors for The Clyde Fitch Report

We're growing! And hiring new editors and contributors.

►Watch: 20 Rhetorical Fallacies in 2 Minutes

A handy video guide to making terrible arguments.

Letter Imperfect: “Dear Evan Hansen” On Broadway

Happy endings usually serve musicals -- but not in this case.

It’s Not Bragging — Talk about Your Work with Joy

Get over your embarrassment and think about the inspiration your work can spark.

How to Confront a Generation That Doesn’t Like Books?

We need to reconsider what it means to read and what we value about the act of reading.

Arts Participation: It’s the Experience, Stupid.

We must engage with cohorts on their own terms.

If You Don’t Like This Post, Unfriend Me Now

Has the political climate affected people's Facebook habits?

Roger Stone: Donald Trump’s Professional Lord of Mischief

Stone is all set to replace hardcore sex with hardcore violence.

Where Did Your Friends Go? They May Have a Half-Life

I will not judge myself for the friends I lost. Some turnover, after all, is healthy.
Chris Rock hosts the Oscars

#OscarsSoWhite and the Social-Mediated Ceremony

Going into Oscars night, anticipation ran high that Chris Rock would skewer Hollywood.

Why Social Justice Conversations Get Exhausting

I won't be manipulated anymore.

The Unexpected Literary Charms of Social Media

The environment that social media creates is one tailored to storytelling.

The Choreography of The Internet of Things

The future is here. It’s just not fully choreographed yet.

Facebook Follies’ Folly

Facebook proves its power when we learn there of a friend's passing.

6 Skills Young Arts Managers Need to Have

Because problem solvers really do need problems to solve.
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