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The New Nudity: NYC Alt Theater Keeps Baring All

Naked bodies on Downtown stages have come to signify more than liberation or sex.

“Sell/Buy/Date” Sees Our Sexual Future

Sarah Jones' play -- and performance -- is the act of a political activist.

The Theater Has a Consent Problem

If we treated real sex like theatrical sex, we’d be rapists.

Money, Love, Sex and Power: Playwright Gina Gionfriddo

The two-time Pulitzer nominee talks gender politics, House of Cards and her latest play.

Men: Theater Is Not For Your Sexual Fantasies

We need to say #NotInOurHouse to sexist and exploitative theater practices.

Cis Women and Drag Queens and Porn – Oh My!

A woman and a drag queen as gay-porn power players is an unexpected development.

Finding the Horror in One of My New Plays

What place do intimate stories of supernatural horror have in the world?

Intersectionality: Going Forward

On naming whiteness, maleness, heterosexuality, wealth, and so on just as we name people as women, people of color, LGBTQ, etc.

Sexpionage with Martin Zimmerman

Digging into history for a play about sexuality, censorship and mass communication.

Chris Salvatore Plays Himself: Not Just Gay or Straight

Gay or straight, we all have the same emotions. it's just about how you portray them.

Rik Mayall dies; Sexism in YA Fiction; Reynolds High Shooting

A round-up of relevance for June 10, 2014

To Play It Straight, Look to Biology

Tasking an actor with playing sexual identity is perfectly acceptable.

Why Gender, Sexuality and Sex Is About Performance

What does it even mean to be attracted to "men" or "women"?

Playing It Straight, But Not Before 1869

We did not invent "heterosexual," we invented the concept.

Playing It Straight (Until You’re Not)

Did Tom Daley change the zeitgeist?

Show Us Your Boobs! (I Mean Talent)

How are teenagers exploring their sexuality supposed to decipher when is it "OK to show their boobs?"

Gender Inequality and Nudity in Theater

It's how you dress--or undress--for the part.

Nudity and Community Theater

Controversial themes can bring unpredictable reactions from audiences

Want to Take the Mae West Broadway Walk?

Go up and take the tour sometime -- August 16.

Amid 12,000 Summer Festivals, “Beyond the Pale” Limns Libidos

Wear the most "Beyond the Pale" costume and win two free tickets.
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