Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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Calling ‘Doctor Atomic’: In Santa Fe, Peter Sellars Revisits the Bomb

An interview with the world’s undisputed leader of disruptive opera directing.

The 1918 Flu Pandemic, the Wisdom of Poets, and Trump

Catharine Arnold's "Pandemic 1918" prompts thoughts of mortality and the need for an examined life.

Elon Musk’s School: For Rich Families Who Don’t Care About Arts...

Ad Astra has some innovative but very flawed ideas about modern education.

Thriving in Science, Working as Artist? Here’s an Elegant Proof

No, we're not all brooding eccentrics.

Nuclear Powerless: Cleaning the Mess Boomers Leave Behind

Lucy Kirkwood's debut play on Broadway intertwines personal legacies with disaster.

Who’s Ari Rapkin Blenkhorn? A Total Technology Badass

Women in tech? Rare. Women in tech in the arts? Rarer still.

Dancing? Coding? How Aidan Feldman Married Worlds

Introspective interview with a dancer-turned-coder on teaching society

Sarah Goldhagen: How Built Forms Form Us

Goldhagen discusses the science of architecture's powerful effects on human beings.

In New Role, Amanda Quaid Goes Flying for “The Moon”

"As I opened my mouth to speak, the memory of takeoff flooded my body and my heart leapt."

Not Cool: Justin Guariglia Photographs Arctic Meltdown

Guariglia collaborates with NASA to change the course of climate change.

GOP and the Ivy League, Both Failing

When blind faith survives a collegiate education unrefined by reason, the college has failed.

Rap It Up: Faith, Evolution, and Baba Brinkman

"A carbon constellation at home in a community of human beings."

Building an Argument Against God Ex Nihilo

Using science to disprove the theological is heretical – to science.

To Play It Straight, Look to Biology

Tasking an actor with playing sexual identity is perfectly acceptable.

Federal Investment in Scientific Research Is a Broken System

We as a culture need to understand science better and use it more wisely.

In Defense of Pet Dinosaurs

Some Americans believe Dino was really Fred Flintstones' pet dinosaur.

Art is Alive (and Growing)

Bacteria as not only friend, but art supply.

Michele, My Belle — I Love You, I Love You, I...

Is it possible that May 15 broke my Michele?

The Heresy That May Help the Pope

The Catholic Church, criticized as a 'backwards ideology,' still has a great deal to admire.
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