Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Advice and Consent: Nia Vardalos Finds “Tiny Beautiful Things”

Nia Vardalos adapts and stars in a theatrical retelling of pain and survival.

Hugh Hefner: A Son of a Bitch. God Rest His Soul.

People are complicated, few more so than Hugh Hefner.

“The Sense of the Past”: Henry James’s Rickety WABAC Machine

The unfinished, posthumously published 1917 novel transports its hero back to 1820.

Michael Moore Thumps Trump in “The Terms of My Surrender”

Moore's hoot-and-holler, directed by Michael Mayer, preaches to the converted.

Theater Critic Helen Shaw: Monster in the Audience

"We prepare and experience and think and respond, but know? I don't know anything."

Bill Hirschman: Theater Criticism’s Cockeyed Optimist

"An opinion is not criticism; it’s not even good reviewing."

10 Resolutions to End This Effed-Up Year of Trump

Let's be honest and kill the orange elephant in the room.

Atticus Finch Is As Atticus Finch Was

Can readers can grapple with nuance?

To Love a Mockingbird

Unstinting progressivism that practically leaps off the page.

Remembering the Brilliant Stories of Mavis Gallant

"The New Yorker" fiction writer, who died last year, is unfairly too obscure.

Critical I: Misha Berson, Seattle Times

"It takes a special person (or masochist) to self-select this job..."

Exhibition Shows You Can Judge a Book by Its Dust Jacket

Gatsby to Garp at the Morgan Library features iconic book designs.

National Security Depends on Press Freedom

The federal courts spit on the Constitution, hoping you’ll think backwards.

Ayad Akhtar Wins Drama Pulitzer for “Disgraced”

Play depicts corporate lawyer hiding his Muslim heritage.

Newest Reel for Leonard Jacobs of the CFR

Introducing the newest version of my reel to the world.

Performing Arts Publisher Glenn Young Releases Blistering Anti-Bloomberg Essay

How is it that we can spend eight years and the better part of a trillion dollars defending the principle of democracy in a couple of countries halfway around the world, but not in our own city?

The Critics of Free Papers Suck? Talk About Overvalued Stock!

A critic can still contribute meaningfully to the cultural equation, if he or she is good, without insisting on determining whether people's wallets are open or shut.

MTI Showspace to Sponsor Aug. 27 Theater Blogger Social

Music Theatre International's new, free online community, MTI Showspace (, will co-host/co-sponsor the Aug. 27 Theater Blogger Social at FringeCentral.

On the Dangers of Extremism — In Theater Criticism

As if Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Unity Temple in 1904 and returned in 1954 to add a new wing?

The Casual Casuistry of George Hunka (Updated)

(NOTE I: There were some horrid typos and grammatical mistakes and just plain sloppiness in the original version of this post, so I have...