Monday, February 19, 2018
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2017 Politics Got You Down? Let William Dean Howells Be Your...

Nationalistic rhetoric, fear of immigrants, police killings of citizens? How the Haymarket case reflects 2017 politics.

Sanford Biggers Sculptures Evoke Violent History

Sanford Biggers' art shoots down racism and violence to combat historical amnesia.

My Name Is Tim, and I Am Addicted to White Privilege

The only way to begin to address racism meaningfully is to acknowledge our addiction.

Hillary Joins the Police State Parade

Hillary Clinton's response to Brussels? More surveillance and police.

That Time Rachel Dolezal Got Arrested…

Come on, you know it's the truth.

Sandra Bland, Dylann Roof: Equal Treatment Under the Law?

New verses to a sad American song.

Finding the Horror in One of My New Plays

What place do intimate stories of supernatural horror have in the world?

And Now Baltimore Fears for the Orioles

In memory and mourning, with laughter and hope.

Following Paris, Police States Grow as Economies Shrink

Paris’s Charlie Hebdo and supermarket attacks have set the stage for another post-9/11.

Mayor Bill de Blasio Offers His 2015 Agenda

Hizzoner gets his priorities together.

African-American Men: The Year In Review

Mourning in America.

Ways to Help Ferguson

If you are unsettled by what you have seen this past week, take action. Here are some ways to do it.

The Ferguson Police Department Dress Code

The right uniform for every occasion.

NY Doesn’t Love Him

NYPD accused Takeshi Miyakawa of placing bombs, despite knowing he wasn't placing bombs.
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