Thursday, December 14, 2017
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10 Articles on Gender Parity You Need to Read Right Now

Ten gender parity articles you may have missed over the summer. Grab a cuppa and read.

Sarah Palin’s Gift to America: Our Incoherent President

How could a barely literate person get in the White House? Two words: Sarah Palin.

Defining Diversity Down: The Meaning of Jesse Green

In an article in Exeunt Magazine (featuring, among others, CFR contributor Martha Wade Steketee), there's a thoughtful roundtable that gently laments the hiring of...

The New York Times on Just Being a Guy

This just raises so many questions . . . and resolves none of them.

Sandbagged by Handbags

What does the high-priced woman's handbag say about us?

Not Just for the Red Carpet: Stylists Considered Broadly

How recent is the advent of the stylist, or have we always had them?

Soylent: The Rise of Food Performance?

If food becomes more like water, then eating will become just a performance.

On the Wit and Theatricality of Clark Tippet

"The only thing we know for sure is that we're all going into the future…"

How Nonprofiteers Can Love (or Leave) Their Work

It's also OK to fall out of love.

At What Age is “Promising” No Longer Promising?

Theater vet Arthur Perlman's Kleban Prize as "promising" raises some questions.

Maira Kalman: Mental Magpie

The artist’s work is immediately recognizable. I’d argue she’s making comics.

Play Clothes for Billionaires in NYT’s “T” Fashion Magazine

Unrealistic-to-ludicrous trends in men's fashion from the "Times."

President Obama, Leave Medicare Alone!

Why hand the Republicans such a gift?

Philip Roth Comes Clean, Autobiographically

Claudia Roth Pierpont's "Roth Unbound" tells his story and stories.

The “Times” Said a Bad, Bad Word

Here's a hint: Norman Mailer spelled it "fug."

Two Films on Obama: Slap in Face and Knife in Back

A softly legitimate documentary and a slick, blatant attack air on TV.

About That Art Party Whose Name The New York Times Won’t...

An institutional failure of postmodern imagination.

La Petite Mort: Alastair Macaulay and the Death of Dance Criticism

Evaluating a waistline tells the reader nothing about the aesthetic value of an event.

Theatre Critic Richard Zoglin is Not — We Repeat, Not —...

He comes out about this, if you will, in his review of The Little Mermaid in Time. Frankly, it is quite possibly the strangest example...