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NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs to Slash Spending at Midyear?

Is this more evidence that the nonprofit arts business model is fundamentally dysfunctional?

The Wing and More Than a Prayer: The Springboard NYC Program

When I first entered the industry, I wish there had been a program like this.

Movement Seen for Tax-Break Plan for NYC Landlords Leasing Space to...

A proposed tax break for landlords who give "longer leases at below-market rates" to artists is gaining political momentum in Gotham.

The Phantoms of Holden Caulfield’s Youth

If we lose the unique stock that defines its sense of place, New York City will be "like everywhere else, but more expensive and less convenient."

Cultural Innovators Rev Your Engines: A Choice Rockefeller Grant Returns

New strategy for cultural production? Step right up and submit your organization's idea on line.

Can Los Angeles Teach Gotham About City Planning and Historic Preservation?

No one knows which of the city's undesignated structures -- 97 percent of the stock -- may have historic significance and which may not.

Will You “Give the Gift of Culture” This Holiday Season?

Alliance for the Arts launches its annual campaign to get people to open their arts-oriented wallets.

Dear Michael Bloomberg

Maybe now, Mayor Bloomberg, you'll not treat New York City solely as a business. It's a city.

Performing Arts Publisher Glenn Young Releases Blistering Anti-Bloomberg Essay

How is it that we can spend eight years and the better part of a trillion dollars defending the principle of democracy in a couple of countries halfway around the world, but not in our own city?

B’way Producer, Real Estate Mogul Hirschfeld Launches URL. Artists Still Homeless.

Do real estate moguls in New York City have a moral responsibility for helping to build and maintain the physical infrastructure for artists?

Remember the Lamb’s Club? Meet the Chatwal New York Hotel

The Lambs Club -- a landmark of the Broadway community for a century -- returns to life as a hotel that isn't bad at all in terms of design.

Neil Simon Endorses Michael Bloomberg for Mayor. No One Laughs.

"I have seen many Mayors come and go, but Mike Bloomberg is a different kind of Mayor," said Neil Simon. Truer words were never spoken.

NYU’s Alicia Hurley Commits Urban Rape: The Provincetown Playhouse’s Hole Grows

With the Provincetown Playhouse basically destroyed, NYU's Alicia Hurley should have a new title: "Vice President for Urban Rape."

CF Interviews: Roberto Ragone, Executive Director, Lower East Side BID

For the Lower East Side, the "Wish You Were Here" program means "Look at us, we're here, we're new, we're different, we're redefined, and you need to come see us during the day."

Harvestworks Turning Over New NYEAF: A Month-Long Celebration of Electronic Art

A month-long series of concerts, workshops, and exhibitions centered on cutting-edge work done at the intersection of art and technology.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Maria Simeone of Backyart

I just heard a young father say to his daughter, "Look kiddo, here's the Backyart sign," and then they chanted "Backyart! Backyart!" together.

Will Rev. Billy Talen Get on the Ballot? Watch the Video.

One step closer -- across the finish line -- and now a full-on candidate for mayor of New York City.

NYU’s Alicia Hurley Lied About the Provincetown Playhouse. Call 212-998-6859

Email Alicia Hurley at [email protected] or call her at 212-998-6859 and tell her what you think of her "promise" to leave the walls of Provincetown Playhouse alone.

Could Bloomberg Lose? Should Arts Groups Ponder the Great “What If?”

What would happen to Michael Bloomberg's largesse to arts groups in New York City if, despite the odds, he lost re-election?

Masses Wear Groucho Glasses in Chicago. Will Bloomberg Back Marx Brothers...

Chicagoans go for a world record while in NYC, the fight for Marx Brothers Place goes on.
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