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Comics About the Day the Towers Fell

Illustrated works will help make sure 9/11 is never forgotten.

My NYC Mayoral Dilemma: A Twenty-One-Ring Circus

Can Bloomberg just buy another four years?

5 Questions: Brecht Unchecked in Central Park

For something that makes sense, go to the urinal.

LIT Announces Political Endorsements; June 5 Press Event Set

The future of NYC independent theater is at stake.

Magnolia March: Artists Take a Peaceful Stand Against Violence

The traditional New Orleans-style funeral processional will organize on April 27 at Lincoln Center.

Tracey Emin Promises to Love You

For three minutes, at midnight, every night in February, in Times Square.

Welcome to the Gun Show

How many more controls and laws will a one-sided government try to enforce?

News Tapas: January 11, 2013

Guns and Alex Jones and Sandy relief and Bachmanns and zygotes. Zygotes with guns.

What Hurricane Sandy Teaches Us About the Arts Community

Resilience is in our DNA. Let's make the most of it.

Hurricane Sandy Blows Over

Aftermath.This has been a truly dreadful week. The losses are unimaginable, the deaths shocking and the landscape changed forever. This may seem a...

Surviving Sandy: NYC’s Arts Community Holds On

News reports try to swim through the aftermath. Updates on fine art, live theatre.

Don’t Call Me “Experimental”

Or "alternative" or "fringe". And definitely not "cutting-edge".

Sweet Jesus, the Arts Are Good for the Economy

A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon we're talking about real money.

The Sincerest Form of Flattery of Clyde Fitch

Amazing photos of Clyde Fitch plays and their parody versions.

NYU/Stanford Legal Report Criticizes U.S. Drone Killings

Two respected law clinics cite deaths of innocents, question legality.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: The Wild Project

"...a man in a trench coat showed up, took it off and looked at the show in the nude."

Careerism in the Theater

The useful, even if artificial, distinction between careerists and artists.

NYU Skirball Center’s New Season Aims for Younger Audiences

Live music, many premieres, and a few experimental Belgians. Worth checking out.

Community Engagement and the New East River Waterfront Plans

Community groups are shockingly satisfied with a development plan.
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