Thursday, April 26, 2018
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The Strong Female Character(s) of Robin Epstein

"I just went with it, threw myself out there."

Advice to the Graduates: John Waters and Robert DeNiro

DeNiro's Tisch commencement speech was tragic, but got naive laughs.

How to Cure Capitalism Run Amok? Bring Back Brecht

In the middle of the interview, the table shook and the air ran cold.

The Patriotism of Rudolph Giuliani

"So it’s an interesting notion of love of country that Giuliani expressed last week..."

The Raping of David Sarnoff’s NBC and ABC

The Brian Williams cover-up represents television's latest desecration of media pioneer David Sarnoff and his quest for truth.

The Year Ahead for Arts Advocacy

The League of Independent Theater has big plans for 2015.

Our Lady of the Perpetual Disruption

Audiences don't lack time for performing arts. They don’t want to spend it on us.

Mayor Bill de Blasio Offers His 2015 Agenda

Hizzoner gets his priorities together.

Message to Cultural Groups: Rent, Don’t Buy!

Moving past the paradox of cultural ownership.

Second City No More: A Roundtable on Chicago Theater

Akhtar, Peet, Senior and Witt on Chicago vs. New York theater.

Why Can’t Some Women Just Take A Compliment?

Why I don’t want to be "complimented" on my way to work, the gym, or shopping for groceries.

The Abortionist’s Daughter: Women on B’way in the 1910s

Elisa DeCarlo's new novel explores feminism as seen through the eyes of a young actress on Broadway.

Black Always Was and Will Be the New Yorker’s New Black

A survey of theories about why the dark color prevails in NYC.

What If Theater Were a Baseball Game?

Imagine if theater adopted sports traditions, and theater audiences turned into rabid tribal fans.

No Reason to Flip-Flop on Flip-Flops

A closer, but not foot-fetishistic, look at the world's most popular footwear.

September 11: Thirteen Years Later

Regardless of promises, we don't always remember. Over time we slowly forget.

The State of Sept. 11 Commemoration in Lower Manhattan

What it feels like at the Memorial, the Museum and the new World Trade Center tower.

Can You Smell That Smell? It’s Theatrical Scent Design

A little corner of abstract freedom in the corner of the theatre.

Honoring the Honor System

How practicing "Take a Penny, Leave a Penny" could positively impact our lives.

The Performance of the Audience: A Review

Why are some behaviors acceptable and others forbidden?
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