Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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The Lessons of 1934: Why 2018 Activists Must Face Faith

Can artist activists see past their secular lens to possibilities and threats of religion?

Guantánamo Bay: America’s Corrosive Stain, Still at Work

Trump’s chief of staff, Gen. John Kelly, is proud of Guantánamo. So is Trump.

Brooklyn Children’s Theatre Founder Talks “Muslim Voices”

Amy W. Graves on diverse students, the First Amendment and public schools.

► Why Nijla Mu’min is a Director to Watch

In this podcast Mu'min discusses her upcoming film Jinn, a Muslim coming-of-age tale.

Why The Fashion Police Cannot Defeat ISIS

Women's choice: one of the world's most beautiful things.

A Playwright and Director on a Pilgrimage

On "The Mecca Tales" and pilgrimage.

The Raping of David Sarnoff’s NBC and ABC

The Brian Williams cover-up represents television's latest desecration of media pioneer David Sarnoff and his quest for truth.

Mourning in Paris

Je suis Charlie.

War and Sex: Winning the Terrorism Battle

The war should have as much emphasis on psy-ops as on bullets and bombs.

The Horrors of 377

India shocks the world by restoring an outdated colonial law criminalizing homosexuality.

Benghazi vs The Entire Iraq Debacle

Congress, the cover-up you should have uncovered is Iraq criminal actions by the Bush Warriors.

Muslim Fever

We need to stop labeling all Muslims as fanatics.

Islamic Militants and the Cockroach Effect

You will try in vain to stomp, smash, or squish the grotesque leathery shelled creature...but you will fail.

Malaysia’s High Court Nixes Borders Bookstore Prosecution

Calls JAWI's raiding the shop illegal.

A Journey to Prague and the Lessons of Genocide

Are we applying lessons from the Holocaust to today's threats from radical Islamists?

Lipstick Conservative: I’m Baa-aack!

It's my voice and I'll let my readers decide if it's worth listening to.

“Don’t Touch My Junk” and Other Holiday Mantras

Talk about a great Secret Santa gift for that weird guy at your office who you just know is a big perv.

Muslims Return to the Scene of the Crime?

Wake up, America! They're using our own system against us.

Tea Party Is the New Dirty Word, Part 2: Tea Baggers...

If you can't convince average Americans with your policy agenda, bully the credibility right out of them?

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Najla Said

Said has discovered "that many, many people seem to have a violent reaction to the word 'Palestine.'"
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