Monday, February 19, 2018
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Military Women in “Bullet Catchers” Highlight Inequality

A devised theater piece by and about combat women.

Sarah Palin’s Gift to America: Our Incoherent President

How could a barely literate person get in the White House? Two words: Sarah Palin.

US Strike on Syria: Meaningless, Impotent, Illegitimate?

The lame and awkward gesture raises questions about U.S. intentions.

“Luft Gangster” Dramatizes World War II Hell

the Third Reich is telling its people of the US “Luft Gangster” program for convicts

Ryan, McConnell, Trump to Our Military Vets: Screw You

Don’t just tell us you are grateful for our service, show us.

Catherine Curtin on the Fight for Justice and Human Dignity

The OitNB star discusses military crimes, mass incarceration and strong roles for women.

“Apocalypse: WWI” Will Teach Your Children Well

A five-part documentary with amazing digitally restored film footage reveals the evolution, horror, and futility of world war.

Portraits of American Treason

An Arkansas senator joins an illustrious group.

Paul Craig Roberts: Economic Peace Monger

Paul Craig Roberts’ bottom line seems to be this: Endless war and greed are bad for the economy, and therefore harmful to humanity.

The Awful Impact of Government Distrust

America is being held together by bitter disagreement.

Next on SNL: Selling Drones to Terrorists!

The would-be terrorists start laughing.

The Raping of David Sarnoff’s NBC and ABC

The Brian Williams cover-up represents television's latest desecration of media pioneer David Sarnoff and his quest for truth.

Economic Recovery: Who Forgot the Children?

Since when do you solve the problem of hunger by withholding food?

Dick Cheney and The Torture Report

Torture may get you all hot and patriotic, but it is not who we are as a nation.

As U.S. Austerity Deepens, Prepare for Revolution

Hopefully it will be a peaceful revolution. It may not be. But, as in the Middle East and Europe with hints in Asia, it's coming.

Putin’s Speech Covered Far More Than Blasting U.S.

Putin’s American critique was acid indeed. But it wasn’t a Khrushchev shoe-pounding diatribe.

War and Sex: Winning the Terrorism Battle

The war should have as much emphasis on psy-ops as on bullets and bombs.

U.S. Activates Trillion-Dollar Nuke Buildup

Say hello to the White House’s and Russia's Flash-to-Ash design for humanity.

The Ferguson Police Department Dress Code

The right uniform for every occasion.

Is War a Racket? An Honored Marine General Said “Yes!”

Multi-medal Leatherneck Smedley Butler publicly decried the military-industrial complex’s endless war profiteering.
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