Thursday, December 14, 2017
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4 Forces Ready to Fight for DREAMers and Save DACA

How Business Leaders and Politicians have Responded to Trumps Attack on Immigrants

Impeachment? Resignation? Scenarios for an Orange Elephant

Does alt-right violence make Trump's impeachment or resignation more attainable?

God I Wish David Mamet Would Just Get Over Himself

I want the playwright David Mamet to sue me. I really do.

How Artists Can Get Out of the Country — and Why

"I wish more American artists had a more global perspective..."

Advocacy: How You Can Save Arts and Culture for America

Advocacy can be pay to play.

Rural America: Why We Must Fight for the NEA

Tell me the story of the arts in your community.

The Passion of Kim Davis, County Clerk

Kim Davis isn't fully following the Bible if she's issued marriage licenses to divorced people.

The Next President, the Supreme Court & Vital Decisions

What are the various Presidential candidates' visions for the Court?

Every Generation Has Its Leni Riefenstahl

Art vs. Artist. The debate returns.

Does Commercial Broadway Need a Tax Break?

What a press release suggests about Broadway producing right now.

Mayor Bill de Blasio Offers His 2015 Agenda

Hizzoner gets his priorities together.

America’s New Sartorial Politics

Uncle Sam gets a makeover.

The Horrors of 377

India shocks the world by restoring an outdated colonial law criminalizing homosexuality.

It’s Time To Mess With Texas

Ladies, it's time to fight! It's time to take back control of your own bodies.

5 Questions: Brecht Unchecked in Central Park

For something that makes sense, go to the urinal.

Libya, the Invasion Continuum, and Us

Congress has no Constitutional right to abdicate to the executive branch its power to declare and wage war.

A Provocative New Documentary Play on MST — Military Sexual Trauma

A docudrama about sexual assault in the U.S. military, based entirely on interviews with American soldiers.

Performing Arts & Arts Policy Town Hall Set for March 21

All these orgs support a proposal for a property tax abatement for NYC nonprofit performing arts.

Just for Kicks: The Repeal Follies

I have no idea what the GOP wants. I haven't found anything to tell me what their plan is.

ART/NY, LIT, ITF Team on Tax-Break Plan for Pro-Arts Landlords

An agreement to support the preparation, conduct and analysis of a demographic study.