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Holocaust? What Holocaust? It’s a Hoax! It’s a Hoaxocaust!

In 2014, they asked: "If the Holocaust didn’t happen…what did?" After Trump and Charlottesville, I think we have an answer.

Who’s That Goy Speaking Yiddish?

Shane Baker's muse -- from the crown of his keppie to the ends of his kishkes.

Pictorial and Political Lessons from Zurbarán: We Are Family

Zurbarán's images of Jewish patriarchs made a case for religious and ethnic tolerance. Concerns that are still vital today.

“Finding Babel”: Family Documentary Uncovers Soviet History

The mystery remains unresolved, but as the film ends, we are invited into the search.

Paying Homage to Hope in the Era of Trump

Remember: those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

The Coens’ “Hail, Caesar!” and Jewish Hollywood History

The film is movie vaudeville, a spoof consumed by movie love.

Netanyahu Seeks “A Happy End”

"I don’t presume to tell anyone what to do." Not even in a fictional play starring his brother.

5 Fun Ways Artists “Ruin” Christmas

Contemporary art isn’t very sentimental about the holidays.

Why Is the ADL Wasting Its Time with Nicki Minaj?

I'm pretty sure Minaj isn't hell bent on exterminating the Jews.

Six Million Jews Didn’t Die! It Was a “Hoaxocaust!”

"The scariest moment came when I realized how convincing deniers can be."

Up From Anti-Zionism

"We are seeing the beginning of the end of Jewish history in Europe."

Genzken’s Art, Genet’s Drama, Amy Winehouse Remembered

Vienna's excitement includes linguistic debate and artist Alex Katz's donation.

New York Actor Turns Playwright for Rwandan Anniversary

"There are wells of darkness within us."

Collective Memory in the Plays of Nilo Cruz

Recalling 900 Jewish refugees, and themselves.


Bill de Blasio's transportation plan really is for everyone.

Jews in Dire Straits on New York Stages

Three plays currently running delve deeply into Jewish anxieties.

Schmidle in Kosovo: Anti-Albanian Libel Comes To “The New Yorker”

An open letter to the magazine condemning blood libel.

NRA to Count Jews, Break into Watergate

Whom better to emulate, dear reader, than Richard Nixon?

Yisrael Campbell: A Jewish Comedian — and He’s Not Yidding!

Says Campbell, "It seems picayune to tell people, 'Put the right foot in the shoe first.' But you try to discern what God wants."

The Jewish Museum Announces “Reinventing Ritual”

Ranging from repurposed seder plates to intricate drawings, from gold jewelry to concrete mezuzahs.
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