Friday, January 19, 2018
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Hirabayashi Lives On, Still Defending the US Constitution

A play set in World War II reminds us that our rights are only as strong as our resolve to defend them.

Intellect vs. Emotion: John Doyle’s “Pacific Overtures”

John Doyle's elegantly ritualistic staging makes you think. Does it make you feel?

Global Hot Spots: Both Climate and Military Conflict

What'll you have? Climate change? Endless war? World debt? Or all of it?

Russia, China Forsake the Dollar, Pressing U.S., EU

Oil, gas and gold rule, as Moscow, Beijing and BRICS push farther away from West.

Sixty Years of Godzilla, Born From the Bomb

The perennial "King of the Monsters" is back again. Run!

Obama in Free Fall: Asia Trip a Prep for War?

Tumbling in polls, the president tries to brace against China while saying he’s not.

Do Not Pass Up Supporting ‘Passfire’: A Kickstarter Tale

Support "Passfire" with a Kickstarter pledge.
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