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My Feminism Will Not Be Intersectional

Is an intersectional approach to identity ultimately helpful to the fight to preserve liberal democracy?

How “Mudbound” Smartly Deconstructs the Mammy Myth

No more whitewashing the history of forced black domestic labor under slavery.

Huaywasi: How Artisans Are Changing the Fashion Industry

An interview with the Program Director of Huaywasi, a fair-trade artisan project.

How I Learned the Art of Healing in the Face of...

The ripples of colonialism are still affecting minds today.

Social Justice Warriors Will Leave the World an Uglier Place

Art commentary from social justice warriors favors virtue signaling over aesthetics.

3 Movements That Prove There is a Demand for More Diverse...

In recent years, there has been a call for more diverse characters in novels.

“Black Radical Women” Revolutionize Art at Brooklyn Museum

40 artists reveal the complexity, urgency and power of Black Radical Women.

A Pastor Responds to the Controversy of “Fabulous Story”

Rev. J. Manny Santiago on queer theology and why religion needs humor and satire.

Liberty, Equality, Atrocity: Paris in a Time of Terror

The French state has committed its own share of crimes against its Arabic citizens.

Solving the Challenge of Gender Equity in the Arts

The next iteration of the Marbury Project needs your help.

We Need All Four Arts Of Social Justice Bending

We must recognize and appreciate what each type of activist brings to changing the world.

Genres Ripe for Women of Color Protagonists

Maybe one day we'll see a woman of color in the "Star Trek" captain's chair.

New Directions, New Questions About Women Of Color In Theatre

What would you like to discuss about women of color in theatre?

A “Conversation” With Toni Morrison About Aesthetics and Identity

Discussing how race and gender impact artistic choices in Black women's writing.

Finding the Horror in One of My New Plays

What place do intimate stories of supernatural horror have in the world?

‘Encanta’ As a Celebration

A play honoring Lana Parrilla's performance on ABC's "Once Upon A Time," celebrated love and passion between women, between people of color, and between LGBT people.

‘Tulpa’ and Healing Through Writing

Writing healed me from a lot of the race and gender trauma I had internalized from a world that hates and fears Black women.

Transformations in Writing from the Self

What it meant for me to write a play from the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality

Intersectionality: Going Forward

On naming whiteness, maleness, heterosexuality, wealth, and so on just as we name people as women, people of color, LGBTQ, etc.

Getting the Hang of Intersectionality

Four questions you can ask yourself to help give you a better grip on applying intersectionality.
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