Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Fund Your Favorite Sites with Flattr — and Fight Fake News

It’s difficult to earn money from online content. This service could change all that.

Certified Fresh?: A Call to Review Our Review Aggregators

Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic are valuable tools, but they're in need of improvement.

► Why “The Haven” Is a Must-See Web Series

A podcast discussion on "The Haven," a new web series set at a domestic violence shelter.

Bill Hirschman: Theater Criticism’s Cockeyed Optimist

"An opinion is not criticism; it’s not even good reviewing."

►Take the #NotMyPresident Challenge!

Join our new viral campaign to demand that Donald Trump address issues that matter to you.

Why I Won’t Write a TV “Best of” List for 2016

A fever-inspired, incomplete and biased list of the year's highs and lows in television.

Giving Assistant Gives “Conscious Capitalism” Good Karma

Easy philanthropy, amazing savings, conscious capitalism: Giving Assistant.

Everybody Use This Crazy Easy Service for Arts Funding

Giving Assistant is ready to convert all your online shopping into arts donations.

Dances with Thermostats

Bodies may never lie, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to read.

The Choreography of The Internet of Things

The future is here. It’s just not fully choreographed yet.

The Most Feminist (Television) Show on Earth

What does a feminist television show look like anyway? Shiri Appleby looks as confused as I feel.

The Murder of the Creative Class

Scott Timberg says that the creative class is being killed. What are you going to do about

Following Paris, Police States Grow as Economies Shrink

Paris’s Charlie Hebdo and supermarket attacks have set the stage for another post-9/11.

The Big Holiday Movie Release From Sony

Thanks to the Castro brothers!

Sony Greenlights “The Wimpinator,” Starring Kim Jong-Un

Thanks to you, Sony, the terrorists won.

A Menagerie of Kids’ Winter Hats

The children's hat industry goes zoo-mad.

America’s Major Misnomer: The USA Freedom Act

Freedom from government spying: part of the country’s past.

Please, FCC: Don’t Give up on Net Neutrality

The free press depends on it.

Obama’s NSA Worries: Money, Not Your Rights

What matters more? Your freedoms or IBM losing China contracts?

Whistleblowers, Activists Call on Intelligence Peers to Step Forward

Governments' "public enemies" see secrecy and lawlessness as the enemy.
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