Monday, February 19, 2018
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Kidman, Johansson, Gadot and Other Reasons to Stop Reading Now

The powerful do not instigate mass movements. They appropriate and profit from them, then kill them at the grassroots.

Crystal-Gazing Arts-Politics: What Do Psychics See for 2018?

"Trump will be ousted from office by a woman with a brilliant man taking over." And other juicy bits.

The “Black Gown” Golden Globes Inspired Only the Stars Wearing Them

Spare us the delusional white liberal feminist who takes a woman of colour to the Golden Globes red carpet like a Swarovski clutch.

No, Claire Berlinski: #MeToo Isn’t Going Too Far

Not when there are restaurant rape rooms and Louis C.K. is just fine.

Certified Fresh?: A Call to Review Our Review Aggregators

Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic are valuable tools, but they're in need of improvement.

► Why Nijla Mu’min is a Director to Watch

In this podcast Mu'min discusses her upcoming film Jinn, a Muslim coming-of-age tale.

Norma’s Back! La Desmond Arises “Sunset Boulevard”

Delivering "Wow"-factor even when -- with one look -- the script falls short.

How the Rise of Big Media Is Disrupting Broadway

Who is the franchise manager for Hamilton? I’d wager there isn’t one.

I Want to See Less of This “World”

I've lost patience with the limited view of sci-fi shows like "Westworld."

“Speechless” Disrupts Polite Conversation About Disability

One of the best new comedies of the fall takes on special-needs representation.

“Harry Potter” in the West End: A Hogwarts Report Card

Mostly good grades. But room for improvement.

Me and Me2: An Appreciation of Marni Nixon

"Goodbye, Me. Love, Me2."

“UnREAL,” “Orange Is the New Black,” & White Folks

The new seasons of "UnREAL" and "OINTB" raise questions about white audience expectations.

Yellowface and the Racist Incredulity of White Culture

Why White Culture can't see when POCs point out racism.

Nothing Compares to U: Appreciating Prince

He belonged to my generation. He was ours exclusively.
Chris Rock hosts the Oscars

#OscarsSoWhite and the Social-Mediated Ceremony

Going into Oscars night, anticipation ran high that Chris Rock would skewer Hollywood.

We’re All Just Meryl Streep, Really

You pretending to be me does not make you me.

The Coens’ “Hail, Caesar!” and Jewish Hollywood History

The film is movie vaudeville, a spoof consumed by movie love.

#OscarsSoWhite and I Am So Tired

Recognition matters, regardless of "patience." We need to do better than #OscarsSoWhite.

“The People v. O.J. Simpson” Replays a Trauma

The trial functioned as a mechanism to expose the willful blindness of American society.
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