Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Republicans Reward the Rich by Blaming the Poor

And they're dead wrong in their oncoming war against federal spending on Social Security.

Everybody Has to Vote. Everybody. Has. To. Vote.

Because we cannot afford a lackadaisical attitude this time around.

With SingleCare, Free Healthcare Discounts Are Perfect for Artists

Even those without insurance can get free discounts on medication, dental care, vision care and more.

A Healthcare Musical! “Dr. Glassheart” Will See You Now

Everything I know is wrong! What's with these acai bowls?

Son to Forgive His Betraying Mother? Ask “The Treasurer”

Wall board and masking tape cover a lifetime of scars in Max Posner’s The Treasurer.

“Mary Jane,” Mom to Chronically Sick Child, Gently Explodes

The audacity of hope in the face of mortality. Mary Jane endures because she must.

Could “I, Daniel Blake” Rekindle the Healthcare Debate?

The main character in Ken Loach’s latest film, I, Daniel Blake, instantly creates a connection with the audience because his experiences are those that...

League of Their Own: Broadway Casting Directors Unionize

Following a billion-dollar season, will Broadway's powerful casting directors strike?

Stop the GOP …From Peeing on the Constitution

Americans can’t enjoy the arts if they’re broke, jobless, sick or dead.

Our Bodies Ourselves’ Judy Norsigian: Activist, Educator

Judy Norsigian on climate change, gender violence and hope for the future.

Women’s Self Defense More Important Now Than Ever

The Safety Godmother, Ellen Snortland, discusses her new movie "Beauty Bites Back."

5 Self-Care Tips for Parent-Artists in Summertime

Share your ideas, best practices and small victories.

Economy-Ruining Bankers Fiddle as Nursing Homes Burn

Government programs don't pay for assisted living, even if they're practical and economical.

America’s New Sartorial Politics

Uncle Sam gets a makeover.

Tax and Spend — Please

Tax the middle class, but not yet. Tax the super rich immediately.

Healthcare Profits, Not Benefits, Are the Problem

Tax cuts and defense spending are the real budget culprits.

President Obama, Leave Medicare Alone!

Why hand the Republicans such a gift?

Congress’s Two-Party “Hot Potato” Game

While politician's play their selfish game, citizens suffer, and so will their children.

The Audacity of Change

Health care is more than Obama's legacy; it's the Democratic Party's future.

Too Poor for Government Assistance?

Five million adults are trapped in Obamacare's black hole.
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