Thursday, January 18, 2018
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I Was Haunted by Kent State Then. It’s Worse Now.

It's not because of the Second Amendment. It’s because of the NRA.

Sanford Biggers Sculptures Evoke Violent History

Sanford Biggers' art shoots down racism and violence to combat historical amnesia.

Mass Shooting: One Nation Under Verbal, Violent Assault

We all should agree that politicizing a mass shooting is despicable.

Yes, Another Gun Column. And This One Is NSFW.

Here's a little mini-Passion Play, starring my ideal Senator.

Statistically, Most Mass Shooters Don’t Look Like This

There have been 153 school shootings since 2013. That number is insane.

What the Rest of the World Asks Me About America

The freedom to be a jackass is a purely American virtue.

Step into the Octagon with Kristiana Colón

Kristiana Colón combines actors and real poets for the ultimate slam poetry showdown

Teaching Republican America

One of the lessons of 2015.

ISIS Made a Big Mistake in Texas

If only there was some comedy in it. But there isn't, sadly.

Mike Huckabee’s Politics of Divisiveness

According to Huckabee, being a real American has nothing to do with what you inherently be

Mayor Bill de Blasio Offers His 2015 Agenda

Hizzoner gets his priorities together.

Remembering Columbine, Off-Broadway

"The contemporary American male turns to violence when life is unsatisfactory."

African-American Men: The Year In Review

Mourning in America.

Why the Bill of Rights Is Our “Ultimate Responsibility”

We seldom think of these amendments as creating responsibilities.

This Virus Scares Me More

Bullet point your priorities, America.

Follow the ISIS Money and Find the Real Terrorists

Until we quit treating weapons as a commodity of profit...

Hurtling Toward World War III

Scholars and economists offer grave warnings, but policymakers and banks aren't listening.

Taking Aim at the ‘Guns Everywhere Law’ in Georgia

There will be news about morons shooting each other for no reason.

Republicans In Wonderland: The Mad Tea Party

Down the Republican rabbit hole.

Rik Mayall dies; Sexism in YA Fiction; Reynolds High Shooting

A round-up of relevance for June 10, 2014
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