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A Comics Great Tackles the Irish Immigrant Experience

Colleen Doran's “Gone to Amerikay” weaves together three time periods into a very satisfying story.

Reflections “From Hell”: Alan Moore and Jack the Ripper

Alan Moore’s Jack the Ripper story: the most amazing graphic novel you probably haven’t read.

Funerals and Beauty Parlors: the Work of Alison Bechdel

Indie comics artist makes good with a MacArthur Genius Award.

How I’m Writing My New Graphic Novel – Part 3

Part 3 of 3: How the story came together, and a little more about the book.

This Virus Scares Me More

Bullet point your priorities, America.

How I’m Writing My New Graphic Novel – Part 2

Part 2 of 3: How I prepare story materials and get the book illustrated.

How I’m Writing My New Graphic Novel – Part 1

Part 1 of 3: some background on "The Malay Mysteries" series.

Comics About What It Means to Be Gay

It’s Pride Month. These comics take a diverse look at the gay experience.

Solange Knowles Meets Donald Sterling on an Elevator

Good thing she didn't have a pair of clippers in her hands.

Maira Kalman: Mental Magpie

The artist’s work is immediately recognizable. I’d argue she’s making comics.

Autobiographical Comic Depicts Epilepsy in a Family

French graphic novelist David B. chronicles his brother's complex disease.

New Orleans on the Day of the Deluge, Illustrated

Neufeld’s much-awarded graphic novel chronicles Katrina and its aftermath.

Robots Meet Jung in Aaron Diaz’s Techno-Deco Future World

"Dresden Codak" reveals a post-singularity world we might actually imagine living in.

The Junction to Everywhere

Comics are changing what it means to work in print media, but they're also taking new forms.

On Fathers and Sons (and Alexander the Great)

A graphic novel I wrote ten years ago teaches me lessons about what my father meant to me.

Comics About the Day the Towers Fell

Illustrated works will help make sure 9/11 is never forgotten.

Horror in a Broken Circle

Junji Ito's manga series "Uzumaki" is a bizarre take on terror.

The Weird, Wonderful World of Manga (part 2)

Katsuhiro Otomo's comics masterpiece, Akira, serves up not just one apocalypse, but two.

The Weird, Wonderful World of Manga

Manga is to comics as Red Bull is to Diet Coke.

The Dystopia I Think Is Better Than “1984”

"V for Vendetta" has become scarily relevant to our times.
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