Monday, February 19, 2018
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Gay Representation: Rising on TV, Not Musical Theater?

You can usually spot them a mile off, good for only quick quips and a "sashay away."

In “Torch Song” Return, Fierstein Lights Beautiful Gay Flame

Michael Urie as Arnold Beckoff, Mercedes Ruehl as Ma Beckoff spark Kaufman's production.

A Pastor Responds to the Controversy of “Fabulous Story”

Rev. J. Manny Santiago on queer theology and why religion needs humor and satire.

The Passion of Kim Davis, County Clerk

Kim Davis isn't fully following the Bible if she's issued marriage licenses to divorced people.

Singing the Same-Sex Wedding Bell Blues

Will the "white men's club" now throw the rest of us under the limo?

Marriage Equality for GOP America? What a Trip!

Thanks for flying Intolerant Airlines!

SCOTUS Could Also Disappoint Everyone

Don’t be surprised if very few are happy with the results.

Mike Pence: Discrimination By Any Other Name

This blatant effort to exploit religion...stinks all the way to heaven.

Resisting Eragure: The Haunting Eyes of Peter Hujar

I’d like to think that Jonathan would approve.

Comics About What It Means to Be Gay

It’s Pride Month. These comics take a diverse look at the gay experience.

Republican Steve Wiles and Mona, His Alter Ego

The anti-gay Republican from North Carolina once worked as a female impersonator

AR Judge is Civil Rights Hero Over Marriage Equality

We need more people like Judge Piazza in Washington, DC.

Antigay Bill Goes on the Road?

Arizona down, 13 states more to go.

Paige Braddock Changes the World Without Bending or Breaking It

Comics creator is an icon for our times.

On Putin, Petitions, Opera, Gay Rights and Cultural Leadership

Seems to us we've got a McCarthy problem.


The second big decision was to show Prop 8 the door.

5 Questions: Nathan Lee Graham Tells Us How to “Hit the...

"In my opinion, there would have always been a Stonewall."

With NY State Senate Likely Red, Is Marriage Equality Doomed?

With Democrats like these, we might as well clone Jesse Helms.

Of Gay Rights and Wrongs

The right-wing is ratcheting up anti-gay cultural warfare. The only way for pro-rights supporters to respond is with ordinance of equal or greater destruction.

One Republican’s Case for Marriage Equality

Most evolved individuals understand Proposition 8 is a belligerent, discriminatory, cruel, uncivil, hypocritical, disgusting, indefensible, hate-inducing law.
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