Monday, December 10, 2018
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How Trump’s Tax Bill Will Screw the (Starving) Artist

Republicans prove their frothing hostility to anyone in any creative profession anywhere in America.

Martín Zimmerman on “Ozark” and How Money Lures Us to Crime

A podcast with the playwright and story editor for Netflix's Ozark

Obama’s Overtime Rules, My Theater, and Me

The arts administrator in me suddenly broke into a sweat.

Trump Foundation: Tip of the Rogue Charity Iceberg

If not for Trump’s compulsive vanity, his foundation might have gotten away with it.

I Made It as an Actor. I Couldn’t Make the Rent.

Together, we can make the rental affordability crisis a priority for America.

Brexit: British Theatre Must Respond

London needs to wake up and look outside of the bubble.

Risk Management and the Performing Arts?

The single largest challenge: building better boards, not managing risk. Right?

Contradictions of the Creative Economy

Perhaps the 20th century was a golden age -- and an anomaly.

Things Go Worse With Koch

Obama's ratings are underwater, but so is this.

What Is Your Candidate Really For?

No ballot will allow you to vote against a member of Congress.

Michael Lewis Tackles Markets, Technology in “Flash Boys”

The stock market is rigged. What else is new?

Politics–The Only Game in Town

It's time to take back the power intended for "We the people."

Going Dutch: Handiedan on Sex, Money and Collage

A conversation on art and audiences with the Dutch collage artist.

PBS “Frontline”: Yeoman’s Effort at Solving Financial Crisis Puzzle

"Money, Power, and Wall Street" episode tackles the financial debacle, at the risk of oversimplifying.

Kansas Gov. Abolishes Arts Commission; SC, TX Next on Chopping Block?

We simply are up against interests who don't believe public funds should be used to support the arts.

Pondering Propaganda from PPL Corporation

I'm sitting on my stock and won't sell, regardless of what happens in Congress.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Jonathan Medows

Set aside about 35% of expected profit for taxes in a separate bank account and pay estimated taxes on time. This will avoid much suffering.

Debt, Debt Everywhere, and Not a Drop to Drink — Unless...

Is it still a good thing for nonprofits to go into debt? What constitutes a slippery slope? Who decides if a company is slipping down one?

48 London Theaters Get Fiscal Help to Go Green as U.S....

Is green theater a priority for the industry? Who'd be the natural leader of such a movement?

Arts and Business Council of NY Touts “Lifeline” Program for Needy...

Get a Lifeline or your e-marketing groove on.
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