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Omaha’s Under the Radar Festival is OUTR of This World

What if more of the experimental was inclusive, encouraging dialogue with community?

Wanted: Young American Visionaries for Lincoln Center and BAM

There are eight requirements to be met.

The NoMAA Uptown Arts Stroll Achieves Its Quinceañero

Celebrating the vibrant creative community-in-residence north of 135th St.

A Film Festival Grows in Inwood

A film festival in a Northern Manhattan neighborhood has quietly taken root.

Catherine Filloux and Poetic Political Theater

The playwright's latest work tackles female ambition, political power and family legacy.

Her Story, Our Story: Voting for Artemisia Theatre

Focusing on the female story.

“Key Change”: Telling the Stories of Female Prisoners

"I want an equal world, one that celebrates solidarity, one free of discrimination..."

Founding Visions: Joseph Papp & the Hungry Public

"Everybody needs theatre." -- Joseph Papp

Michael Cross Burke on Michael Jackson, JonBenet & Himself

"When I make my work, I don’t censor myself."

Tennessee Williams: Alive and Still Fabulous

"...put down the cigarette and let’s dance."

Prop Thtr: Not About Money, But Art

What my teenage brother would describe as "weird."

In Memoriam: Cal Pritner

An educator who influenced a Who's Who of American theater, film and television.

The Death of the Avant-Garde and Other Urban Legends

Bohemian spirit one generation and one neighborhood behind the present.

Hello Theatre, I’m 45, and I’m Just Arriving

Why perpetuate a success narrative delegitimizes vital work?

How a Historical Re-Enactor Prepares for His Role

"He and I really weren’t that much different from each other. I think he was just somebody who enjoyed having a good time."

Six Million Jews Didn’t Die! It Was a “Hoaxocaust!”

"The scariest moment came when I realized how convincing deniers can be."

Playwrights Impress at FutureFest Competition

Ohio's unique community theater showcase of new plays should be copied widely.

New York Musical Theatre Festival Disappoints Musically

The craft and art of the song is assailed at the annual new-tuner event.

June in Vienna: Remembering WWI and a Music Festival

Political and art history meet new music in Vienna this summer.

How a Fringe Festival Is Like a Party

Random, passionate, intense engagement with strangers makes a good Fringe.
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