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‘Matangi/Maya/M.I.A.’ Proves We Need More Political Pop Stars

Listen before Homeland Security takes this down.

The New Battle Over Acoustics in Performing Arts Venues

How the emergence of electronic acoustics is revolutionizing the design of arts and entertainment halls, despite resistance.

Prison Bitches! Electric Ladies! Women Who Rule the Earth!

We'd have no Harvey Weinstein because some electro-lady would turn him into a pile of ash.

We’re All Complicit: I Was a Reckless Young Woman, Too

Things aren’t always black and white, and that woman will figure it out.

Challenging Theater to Treat Children as Intelligent Beings

I used to roll my eyes at theme park shows. Then I saw the merit is in their theatricality.

Who’s Ari Rapkin Blenkhorn? A Total Technology Badass

Women in tech? Rare. Women in tech in the arts? Rarer still.

Women Take the Wheel on Gender Parity in Entertainment

The road to gender parity in the entertainment industry is long and slow; women are doing the work.

“The Sense of the Past”: Henry James’s Rickety WABAC Machine

The unfinished, posthumously published 1917 novel transports its hero back to 1820.

Arts, Culture, Entertainment Are Made in America, Too

The Trump Administration's Made in America Week was missing something fundamental.

Comics in ’70s LA: “I’m Dying Up Here” Just Misses the...

Struggling stand-up comics in LA in the early 1970s? Should be a surefire hit, right?

56 State Arts Agencies Face the Death of the NEA

Is our arts advocacy strategy good enough?

Why I Won’t Write a TV “Best of” List for 2016

A fever-inspired, incomplete and biased list of the year's highs and lows in television.

Las Vegas: Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Museums and More

Hot nightlife, bizarre museums, thrill-rides, insane shopping -- and, yes, showgirls.

In Orlando, Your Tickets for the “Streetmosphere” Awaits!

There’s a lot more than just The Mouse.

Colossal Clown Turns “The Grand Tour” Into a Circus

"We get the audience on our side regardless of the situation."

Every Generation Has Its Leni Riefenstahl

Art vs. Artist. The debate returns.

An article about nothing….but it could be something.

So, in this age of media overload, how does society cope? Gangnam Style of course.

The Film Biz: A Weekend Review

While you obsessed over the Golden Globes, what else went on?

Entertation Index, Jan. 24-28: Cher and Cher Alike

And dish on George Clooney, Scott Disick, Nicki Minaj and, of course, Tara Reid.

Entertation Index, Jan. 17-21: Jake Gyllen Hall Women Everywhere Hall the...

And dish on Tim McGraw, Lindsay Lohan, the Octomom, and, of course, Snooki.
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