Sunday, September 23, 2018
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South Korean Novelist Plays America (Nods to Camus and Homer)

Eventually, J.M. Lee may or may not write the Great South Korean Novel.

Slamming Millennials: 3 Dance Companies That Won’t Do It

All dance companies must plug in and reach out to engage Millennials, online and on stage.

Engagement Is Busting Out All Over

Artists, audiences, arts organizations -- oh my.

Yes, Dancers Should Be Fundraising Tools

Where does this mindset shift begin?

Eighth Position: Dancers as Fundraising Tools?

Does being personable to donors affect a dancer's career?

6 Skills Young Arts Managers Need to Have

Because problem solvers really do need problems to solve.

Marketing Classical Arts in a Modern World

From the war for attention, notes from the battlefield.

Battle Ballet: Artistic Integrity vs. Commercial Viability

The goal is easy: make everyone happy, all the time.

Are Audiences Lemmings or Thinking Lemmings?

Exterior displays of monolithic behavior do not indicate what an audience will ultimately feel about a piece.
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