Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Nuclear Powerless: Cleaning the Mess Boomers Leave Behind

Lucy Kirkwood's debut play on Broadway intertwines personal legacies with disaster.

Why Oscar-Nominee James Cromwell Went to Jail

In this podcast, James Cromwell reflects on his arrest and the truth about fracking.

Let’s Get Real About Iran Nuke Deal

Forget what corporate media and Congressional neocons say. Who's really threatening the world with nuclear weapons?

Oligarchy’s Sibling Rivals: the U.S. and Russia

Both Moscow and Washington claim to be growing democracies, but they're not. They're really oligarchies controlled by Big Money.

Art, Energy, Cultural Change: A Discussion with Barry Lord

His new book, Art and Energy: How Culture Changes connects energy sources, cultural values and art.

The Sanctions Mess, Energy and You

While the West won't mention China in the U.S./EU vs Russia, the Great Dragon and other countries are involved.

The ’80s Sequel No One Wants, Starring POTUS and the Veep

The guy in the jacket isn't Michael J. Fox.

Things Go Worse With Koch

Obama's ratings are underwater, but so is this.

UN and US Water Concerns Increase

Global energy consumption, national drought and pollution: all strain water supply.

Our Water Supply: Science, Industry Weigh the Future

Global reports range from wary to alarming.

Five Realities the Convention Speakers Wouldn’t Reveal

You'll have to make "leaders" face these vital issues.

This Is What Oil on the Alabama Coastline Looks Like

The ruination of Orange Beach, Alabama, in pictures.

Broadway’s “Hair”-y Plans for the Gulf Oil Spill

Brilliant: "Hair" will help donate hair to contain the oil in the gulf of Mexico.

A Slippery Slope for Obama and Big Oil

Obama's announcement puts him in danger of angering his liberal base as it pushes environmentalist groups against the wall.

What If Chernobyl Happened in America? New Documentary-Theater Piece Investigates

An indictment of the dangers of nuclear energy. Let the debate begin.
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Kavanaugh Is In… So, Where Do We Go From Here?

Many of us Americans were glued to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing last week featuring testimony by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and then-Supreme...