Friday, March 23, 2018
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Ken Burns’ New Documentary and the Old Mistake of Vietnam

Vietnam was stupid, hopeless, murderous. "The Vietnam War," the series, has other flaws.

“Finding Babel”: Family Documentary Uncovers Soviet History

The mystery remains unresolved, but as the film ends, we are invited into the search.

Women’s Self Defense More Important Now Than Ever

The Safety Godmother, Ellen Snortland, discusses her new movie "Beauty Bites Back."

The Sound and The Fury of Nina Simone

"First you get depressed, and after that you get mad."

How to Find Your Way Along Busker Alley

"I support anyone and everyone doing the thing they most want to do in this world."

Kermit Gosnell: An Uncomfortable Abortion Story

Conservative filmmakers crowdfunding a tale studios won't tell.

Hitching a Ride on the Escapism Train

Doing the homework and learning to enjoy the ride.

Focus on Filmmakers: Adam Forrester

Filmmaker Adam Forrester spills the dirt on his craft.

Virginia Tech Survivor in Documentary and Live Event

"Living for 32" follows Colin Goddard, who was shot 4 times during the 2007 massacre.

Chinese Mine Threatens Afghan Buddhas

A filmmaker documents the site and calls for preservation.

Wheat Rust: Documenting the Fight Against a Deadly Pathogen

Traveling the world to interview farmers directly affected.

“Buffalo Must Die”: Making You Think

The inspiration behind Veverka Bros.' challenging documentary short.

Documenting “The Act of Killing”

The film is about "killers who have won, and the sort of society they have built."

Malana: When Globalization Comes Knocking

After 2000 independent years, it took Globalization only a decade to destroy a village.

Show Us Your Boobs! (I Mean Talent)

How are teenagers exploring their sexuality supposed to decipher when is it "OK to show their boobs?"

5 Questions: Mary Morten Directs Us to “Woke Up Black”

"I identify with each person in the film in different ways."

Ten Reasons to Support Passfire on Kickstarter

Everyone loves fireworks!

“Passfire”: Kickstart This

CFR and the Veverka Bros. want to team up with you to Kickstart "Passfire."

“Passfire”: There’s a Whole World of Fireworks Out There

Did you know that fireworks aren't just from China?

“Passfire”: It’s Fireworks for the Next Three Years

Veverka Bros. commits to a new feature documentary about fireworks.
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