Monday, June 25, 2018
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Tony Nominations: The Snubs Less Noted

What about recognizing artisans in wig making and video projections?

Tony Noms This Musical Season? What About Quality?

Is there a worthy production in the 2013-2014 tuner carload?

TV Legend Dick Cavett Recreates History Off-Broadway

An alchemy of warmth, depth, range, skill, charm and humor. Always humor.

Breathing in Brittania

"Because I am an expatriate, I can begin to breathe."

Lloyd Webber and Rice: Two Musicals Closing Fast

Two musical turkeys, roasted and underdone.

What Should Happen to Woody Allen?

End the proxy war.

The Return of Slapstick Tragedy in “The Mutilated”

Penny Arcade and Mink Stole are operatic on stage.

The Fervent Seers (Part 4)

Is success about vision, genius or continuity? Yes.

Rylance’s Richard III: The Very Model of a Time Machine

The art seems to emerge from the artifice.

“Bullets” Not Close Enough for Glennie’s Target

Some on Broadway seem to have trouble telling the difference between ham and Spam.

In Search of a Vision for the American Theatre (Part 1)

We light our candles on the candles of our predecessors.

The True Power of Batman

Bruce Wayne is a 1%er with genuine concern for everyone else.

Theatre Lane: No Outlet?

Todd London's new book seeks to reignite the American theatre.

Director Dobrish Tacks Toward “Tilly the Trickster”

"My director self gets very frustrated at my writer self."

Seasons Come, Seasons Go, But Theater is Forever

What lies ahead on the road to Broadway, off- and off-off always looks bright in the Fall.

Waiter, Is It July Yet? Broadway’s New Season Burps and Belches

Selling Broadway to the unwashed and unwary.

Creature Feature Comforts

If dumb disaster porn guarantees success at the box office, up with failures like "Pacific Rim."

Through a PRISM Dark Knightly

Endless surveillance is at best a lateral move, not a move forward.

Don’t Stay in School

Grad school is a waste of time and money for an actor. But is it a fraud?
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