Friday, August 17, 2018
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Estimating Audiences for a Hypothetical Arts Facility

Predicting who will come to an imagined performing arts facility.

56 State Arts Agencies Face the Death of the NEA

Is our arts advocacy strategy good enough?

#ArtfulResistance: Crowdsourcing a Trump-Era Arts Platform

Because the response of our arts advocacy establishment has been tepid.

Peer Gynt and the Norwegian Hapa Band Rocks Out

Though rock is native neither to Norway nor to Hapa bands, the idea is fascinating.

The Arts Now Have a New Purpose

The world is now rich in context for our work.

Let’s Not Shut Up and Dance

A pro-Trump nation is not safe. Let's prepare the next generation of American artists.

Welcome to Bet Hatikva: “The Band’s Visit”

What an enticing world-music-like original cast CD this one is going to be.

What Australia Teaches Us About Effective Cultural Policy

We need a proactive national conversation about the role of culture in society.

The President of the United Arts of America

The choice: not as clear as you think.

Olympics and Art: Going for Gold in Cross-Culture Empathy

Will this critical area of civic life step up where the Games left off?

How to Build a Better Board

Up to 16 arts groups are needed. Anyone interested?

Four Podcasts To Make You Smarter, Kinder, Hopeful

With my ear buds, I stretch my brain and open my mind to new ideas and stories.

Arts Participation: It’s the Experience, Stupid.

We must engage with cohorts on their own terms.

Robert Gutman: The Gentle Man Banned from Beyreuth

Robert Gutman was proof that you could make some people very angry and yet not be jerk.

Risk Management and the Performing Arts?

The single largest challenge: building better boards, not managing risk. Right?

HJ Lee’s Calling to Launch

"Art stays stay forever in people’s minds."

Long-Term Nonprofit Planning? As Easy as Driving

Balancing long and short term priorities is as easy as driving and prevents accidents.

On What Theater Has Become

Why have we allowed the power of theater to dwindle?

The Cultural Investment ROI

Pitching a better model to predict the return on cultural investments.

Will the Arts Help Us Rediscover Shared Common Values?

In light of massive societal change, modeling the future of the arts is imperative.
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