Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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What the Rest of the World Asks Me About America

The freedom to be a jackass is a purely American virtue.

Audiences Assert Their Agency: The End of the Fourth Wall?

The fourth wall is dissolving, and audiences are demanding a greater share of agency in performance.

Modern Lynchings, Vintage Plays

These women used these plays to profess #BlackLivesMatter in the face of unimaginable horror.

Oh Canada: Arts Consulting Across the Border

If the U.S. was built on the melting pot, Canada was built on the salad bowl.

Universities Embrace the Arts: What Do Artists Get?

Artists so rarely profit from the value they produce.

What Follows “Mad Men”? Mad Women

If you don’t see it, can it really be all that bad?

Teaching Children Shakespeare

"Kids want power. The word they hear the most is, 'No.' What they get when working on a Shakespearean play is a big, 'Yes' and they are empowered."

A 650th Birthday Abounding with History

From founder Rudolf IV to Pope Pius II and beyond, history abounds as the University of Vienna celebrates 650 years.

Notes on (The New York Times Writing About) Camp

Camp cuts both ways. It's a putdown, unless you're seeking a particular kind of experience.

Dear Starbucks: How Do You Know Baristas Aren’t Racists?

Among all those baristas, there's not one single baracist in the bunch?

Strategic Storytelling: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

It takes both history and heart to tell a good story.

Home Again: Back in the South

James heads home and laments the difficulties of escaping China.

Building Better Buildings for the Arts

Now all we have to do is convince our clients...

From Ukrainian Prince to Burlesque Queen

What Adah Isaacs Menken and Ivan Mazeppa had in common: cultural evolution.

On Shanghai Hospitality

One aspect of Shanghai that won't be missed.

Dying with Dignity; or, Euthanasia for the Performing Arts

Arts leaders agree privately. But they won’t say it publicly.

The Year Ahead for Arts Advocacy

The League of Independent Theater has big plans for 2015.

Beyond January: Flex Your Marketing Muscles in 2015

Whether a new commitment to healthy living or a focus on growing a business, most importantly, let’s be real.

Does Santa Always Have To Exist?

When you grow up as a first generation American, you don't always believe in Santa Claus, and that's okay.

Once Upon a Christmas Window Dressing

Whose fairytale are we living in as the world goes to hell?