Friday, November 17, 2017
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How to Build a Better Board

Up to 16 arts groups are needed. Anyone interested?

Four Podcasts To Make You Smarter, Kinder, Hopeful

With my ear buds, I stretch my brain and open my mind to new ideas and stories.

Arts Participation: It’s the Experience, Stupid.

We must engage with cohorts on their own terms.

Robert Gutman: The Gentle Man Banned from Beyreuth

Robert Gutman was proof that you could make some people very angry and yet not be jerk.

Risk Management and the Performing Arts?

The single largest challenge: building better boards, not managing risk. Right?

HJ Lee’s Calling to Launch

"Art stays stay forever in people’s minds."

Long-Term Nonprofit Planning? As Easy as Driving

Balancing long and short term priorities is as easy as driving and prevents accidents.

On What Theater Has Become

Why have we allowed the power of theater to dwindle?

The Cultural Investment ROI

Pitching a better model to predict the return on cultural investments.

Will the Arts Help Us Rediscover Shared Common Values?

In light of massive societal change, modeling the future of the arts is imperative.

Mind the Gap, London, and Farewell

England has given me a gift: a pair of gimlet eyes.

Why I Want to Work & Play Like A Child in...

In the new year, I won't be so scripted. I want to be open and have fun.

Making Piece in Crown Heights

Poking at the Black/Jewish binary, in reflection, 25 years later.

Contradictions of the Creative Economy

Perhaps the 20th century was a golden age -- and an anomaly.

A Plea for Obstinence Education

Major portions of society believe X -- despite knowing Y is true.

I’d Like to Begin by Doing the Right Thing…

What a "Welcome to Country" speech could teach North American cultural leaders.

Innovation in Arts Funding: Eight “Actual” Responses

Reflections on making theater without funding.

What’s Good: Miley, Nicki and the Politics of Respectability

Can we objectively determine someone else’s value?

What the Rest of the World Asks Me About America

The freedom to be a jackass is a purely American virtue.

Audiences Assert Their Agency: The End of the Fourth Wall?

The fourth wall is dissolving, and audiences are demanding a greater share of agency in performance.