Sunday, September 23, 2018
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A Declaration of Independence

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary...

Complicit to the Culture of Complacency

I stand, like so many, complacent on a "moral and factual high ground".

Steppenwolf Must Die

Steppenwolf has always been cool. So it's hard to argue that they've all but killed American theater.

On Building a Theater

The physical, personal and social processes that make a theater a theater.

On Judith A. Dobrzynski and When Arts Leaders Act Like Lemmings

Nothing is a good idea for absolutely everybody.

Puppets to Take Over the World, Starting in Washington, DC

A Million Puppet March on Washington. A call to action for the rest of us.

Postcards from the Top

Among European historical monuments, the Eiffel Tower has the most "tourism value." Whatever that means.

Why Is Composer Andrew Gerle So Enraged?

Auditioning is about what Simon Cowell will soon promote as the "x-factor," and that's as clear as mud.

A Provocative New Documentary Play on MST — Military Sexual Trauma

A docudrama about sexual assault in the U.S. military, based entirely on interviews with American soldiers.

Say Yes to Noir — A Festival at the New School

Embodying a cinematic style of "shadowy expressiveness."

Of Course, Joshua Conkel’s Right: Theatre Is Stratified by Class

The privileged often do excellent work. It's easier when you're not working to pay your bills.

Performing Arts & Arts Policy Town Hall Set for March 21

All these orgs support a proposal for a property tax abatement for NYC nonprofit performing arts.

127 Hours and 17 Days

The people have spoken in 2010 and they want their will enacted.

Culture Wars: Hidden Cameras, Prank Calls and Surreptitious Media

The Gov. Walker prank call, the NPR scandal: these surreptitious-media explosions aren't isolated incidents.

Open Letter to Keith Olbermann: Cover the Creative Economy

Without the creative economy, our nation is neither healthy nor hopeful, neither sophisticated nor safe.

Richard Kessler’s “Death Panels”: Wrong Words on Arts Education Funding

We'll never teach anyone the "great value" of arts education by linking them to the phrase "death panels."

Why Work in Theatre? A Blog Post for World Theatre Day

My answer to this question is not unlike Shakespeare's seven ages of man.

The Social Media Presence of All 56 State Arts Agencies (Updated)

AZ's agency has 3,790 Friends. @CO_Creatives has 2,912 Followers. And more.

Solving the Decade of Our Discontent

Could years of sick economy lead to a decade of American discontent that would boil over into revolution as in the Middle East?
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