Sunday, September 23, 2018
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The Whole Backstage and Nothing But

How a small Alabama community formed a lively theater out of tragedy.

Notes From the Campaign(s)

Never again will an elected official get to run in New York without talking, seriously, about the arts.

Jack Hidary: A Mayoral Hopeful Who Gets ArtsEdTech

If you don't know Jack, you don't know Jack.

Spirituality, Psychics and Theater

Enhancing art through intuition, mediumship and hypnosis.

Dateline Edinburgh – Home

For god's sake don't forget to be festive at a festival.

Dateline Edinburgh – The Original Impulse

The Red Bastard is challenging...oh, and also entertaining.

On Putin, Petitions, Opera, Gay Rights and Cultural Leadership

Seems to us we've got a McCarthy problem.

When Arts Advocates Yield Just 2,300 Emails, This Happens

Nothing. Or at least not much.

Actress Miki Yamashita on Diversity and Invisibility

Can't find Asian-American actors? They're right in front of you.

Dateline Edinburgh

In praise of the heroic Edinburgh Fringe Festival support staff.

My NYC Mayoral Dilemma: A Twenty-One-Ring Circus

Can Bloomberg just buy another four years?

HowlRound, New Crit and Controversy

Why it's so hard to critique the ones we love

In Us We Trust

The theatre world should look to baseball as a community model.

On TV, Ovation Pushes Action, Airtime and Applause

On the trail of America's arts network: CFR commentary and Q&A with the COO.

The Anatomy of a Celebrity Apology

It's the summer of the slur, starring Alec Baldwin, Paula Deen and... Joyce Carol Oates?

Your Money and My Art

When I put my hand out, I'm not asking for a handout.

American Actors in London

Expats from Alaska give advice on finding a way to the U.K.

What Happens When They Hate It?

We in the theater make the most public of art, so we must accept and acknowledge every opinion expressed.

Setting the Stage Under Alaska’s Midnight Sun

In the valleys of Alaska's 38 mountain ranges, theater happens. A lot.

LIT Announces Political Endorsements; June 5 Press Event Set

The future of NYC independent theater is at stake.
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