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2017 Politics Got You Down? Let William Dean Howells Be Your...

Nationalistic rhetoric, fear of immigrants, police killings of citizens? How the Haymarket case reflects 2017 politics.

► Martín Zimmerman on “Ozark” and How Money Lures Us to...

A podcast with the playwright and story editor for Netflix's Ozark

Can a Play About Rape Serve as Satire? Ask Grace.

Bobby and Jeff get Grace drunk, then sick, unconscious and allegedly raped. Not funny.

Impeachment? Resignation? Scenarios for an Orange Elephant

Does alt-right violence make Trump's impeachment or resignation more attainable?

Wallace Shawn’s “Evening”: Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Menace

Shawn never names the deeply corrupt countries in his plays. We know which one he means.

“American Heiress”: Patricia Hearst and SLA in Performance

As Toobin tells it, the case would have been comic if it hadn't been so deadly.

The Complex Prison Creative Part 2

For a few days, inmates at Sing Sing experience the freedom of the Bard's Illyria.

The Complex Prison Creative, Part 1

Rehabilitation Through the Arts and director Kate Powers bring Shakespeare to Sing Sing.

Justice Long Delayed for Albert Woodfox, Finally Arrived

"I told him that unless he sits in a cell 23 hours a day for 40 years, he has no idea."

“The People v. O.J. Simpson” Replays a Trauma

The trial functioned as a mechanism to expose the willful blindness of American society.

Every Generation Has Its Leni Riefenstahl

Art vs. Artist. The debate returns.

The Big Holiday Movie Release From Sony

Thanks to the Castro brothers!

Sony Greenlights “The Wimpinator,” Starring Kim Jong-Un

Thanks to you, Sony, the terrorists won.

This Virus Scares Me More

Bullet point your priorities, America.

The Ferguson Police Department Dress Code

The right uniform for every occasion.

A Bush Insider Cites War Crimes Against His President, VP

Justice keeps creeping in on W., Cheney and Rumsfeld.

Albert Woodfox: Justice Delayed, Justice Denied

Nothing "remotely comparable in the annals of American jurisprudence.”

When Vladimir Putin Looks in a Mirror, This Happens

A reflection on the crisis in Ukraine.

It’s Time To Mess With Texas

Ladies, it's time to fight! It's time to take back control of your own bodies.

Bolshoi Ballet Artistic Director Attacked with Acid

Sergei Filin suffers severe facial burns, sight threatened.
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