Friday, September 21, 2018
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Fund Your Favorite Sites with Flattr — and Fight Fake News

It’s difficult to earn money from online content. This service could change all that.

Sorry Taylor–John Reuben Has the Boldest Comeback of 2017

The innovative rapper is back -- with a message his Christian fans may not want to hear.

“The Sense of the Past”: Henry James’s Rickety WABAC Machine

The unfinished, posthumously published 1917 novel transports its hero back to 1820.

Michael Stewart Transforms Dark Emotion into Political Art

Michael Stewart's "Trump Demon Mask" has toxic glaze full of lead. So, it's perfect.

Advertising Legend Helayne Spivak Talks Creativity, Relevance

A woman of a certain age on staying curious and getting out of your comfort zone.

CFR Podcast Roundtable: Why We Need Books

A podcast with CFR writers on what we read, how we read and why books matter.

56 State Arts Agencies Face the Death of the NEA

Is our arts advocacy strategy good enough?

The Art and Commerce of Miriam Ellner’s Verre Eglomisé

An interview with a 60+ artist who's updating an ancient medium.

From Arts Leaders to POTUS: The Importance of the Macro View

Balancing micro and macro issues of change is hard. Denying it invites catastrophe.

This is the Economic Plan All Candidates Need

Any politician worth his or her salt better have an economic plan to help all the people.

50 Ways to Support Female Artists

Buy the art and forty-nine other ways to show love to your favorite artists.

How I’m Writing My New Graphic Novel – Part 1

Part 1 of 3: some background on "The Malay Mysteries" series.

Sartorial Flair Should Flare Up More Often

Inspiration from a pedestrian with a unique personal style.

Chair Racing to Maturity

How midnight antics in a corporate law firm paved the way for responsible adulthood.

How Yoga Helps Actors

An Interview with actor and yoga teacher Jennie Olson Six

Hitching a Ride on the Escapism Train

Doing the homework and learning to enjoy the ride.

A Rustic Metaphor for Artistic Possibility and Growth

Chopping wood can restore artistic confidence.

Culture…and the Saber-Toothed Tiger

Because in the arts, failure, ultimately, is like lite beer.

Spirituality, Psychics and Theater

Enhancing art through intuition, mediumship and hypnosis.
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