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How Out-of-the-Way Arts Institutions Build Community

Crystal Bridges and Grace Farms, out-of-the-way museums focused on expanded community access to art.

What Cultural Facilities Forget: The Nuyorican Rules

Too many cultural organizations and facilities have lost sight of these simple rules.

Rural America: Why We Must Fight for the NEA

Tell me the story of the arts in your community.

56 State Arts Agencies Face the Death of the NEA

Is our arts advocacy strategy good enough?

Why Artists Should Sell Out

It's okay for artists to prioritize revenue. Really.

I Made It as an Actor. I Couldn’t Make the Rent.

Together, we can make the rental affordability crisis a priority for America.

From Arts Leaders to POTUS: The Importance of the Macro View

Balancing micro and macro issues of change is hard. Denying it invites catastrophe.

The Cultural Investment ROI

Pitching a better model to predict the return on cultural investments.

Can the Arts Save Mankind From Acquire, Consume, Perish?

Driving violence and environmental destruction.

Contradictions of the Creative Economy

Perhaps the 20th century was a golden age -- and an anomaly.

Once Upon a Christmas Window Dressing

Whose fairytale are we living in as the world goes to hell?

When Artists Expect to Earn a Living

Disruptive digital technologies: still turning the sector upside down.

Can Mayor Marty Walsh Rescue Boston’s Creative Economy?

Fighting for fair labor practices for artists at a public hearing.

What’s $504 Billion to the Arts?

More arts fiscal impact data that people will ignore.

Miami’s Quest for Global Standing

The iconic Marine Stadium can once again lead Miami into the future.

Detroit, Deaccession and the Cultural Role of Museums

A museum collection is more than the sum of its artworks.

Artists Awakening to Copyright Law’s Importance

Call for "next great Copyright Act" alerts creatives to coming change.

CitiGroup Has 2,909,547 Reasons To Ask Artists For Free Labor

Sometimes an "opportunity" is not an opportunity.

MA Artists, Advocates Grouse and Gather “Under The Dome”

In Boston last month, artists, arts advocates and politicians came together to plan.

Amanda Palmer and the Gift Economy

Being Amanda Palmer is not a teleological suspension of the ethical.