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Must Be The Bourbon: Inclusive Classical Music In Kentucky

In Louisville, the vision of "golden age of orchestral music" may be close at hand.

Mozart Librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte, Dead Since 1838, Speaks

All I could manage was "Lorenzo Da Ponte, is that you?" To which he replied "Ha ha!"

Classical Music Gets a Modern Makeover by Women

Elevating female composers and new music is a surefire strategy to engage more audiences.

The de Wolfe Questionnaire: Caitlin Strokosch

The CEO of NPN/VAN talks about activists and artists, places by water and cellos.

Gender Parity Is a Hot Topic Elsewhere, Too

An end-of-year round up of interesting gender parity stories around the web.

Robert Gutman: The Gentle Man Banned from Beyreuth

Robert Gutman was proof that you could make some people very angry and yet not be jerk.

Carnegie Hall Celebrates 125 Years of Great Performances

Explore the history of Carnegie Hall as it celebrates its 125th anniversary

A 650th Birthday Abounding with History

From founder Rudolf IV to Pope Pius II and beyond, history abounds as the University of Vienna celebrates 650 years.

Would Greek EU Exit Create a Global Domino Effect?

Fasten your seat belts.

Composer and Pianist Vijay Iyer, Vamping in Technicolor

Combining improvised jazz with notated post-minimal chamber music and electronics.

Hello Theatre, I’m 45, and I’m Just Arriving

Why perpetuate a success narrative delegitimizes vital work?

5 Bonkers Opera Finales in Honor of the New Met Season

Opera is neither staid nor dry; the plots can get insane.

Irregular Museums and Questioning Mozart

From the Art House Museum to the Josephinum, Vienna offers enlightening exhibits. And conductor Harnoncourt examines three of Amadeus's symphonies.

At What Age is “Promising” No Longer Promising?

Theater vet Arthur Perlman's Kleban Prize as "promising" raises some questions.

Zubin Kanga Inside and Outside the Piano

The pianist plays directly on the strings as well as on the keys.

Premiere of Ben Folds Piano Concerto at Nashville Symphony

The composer's diverse sources energized the audience.

Vienna: A Scandal, a Happy Birthday, a Sad Death

Vienna eyes a theater's struggle, celebrates Domingo, and mourns Schell.

Gotham Chamber Opera Parties Like It’s 1927

The company sets itself well apart from the competition.

Soprano Claron McFadden: History, Novelty and Continuity

From 17th century opera to 21st century cabaret, she commands a stage.

Watching Shakespeare and Remembering Wagner

Vienna also mourns cultural icons, takes on politics.