Sunday, July 1, 2018
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Enforcing Silence: What’s at Stake with Cellphone-gazi

Those who actively love theater may be the biggest barriers to necessary change.

A Football Joke Goes Viral

What a fumble.

Hung Up on Viagra Calls

"Lord, I pray you will show Jimmy that he is not living right by trying to sell drugs to p

Dances of Future Past

The Internet is the end of supply-side dancernomics.

Shut Down, No Shut Down, SCOTUS Won’t Shut Down

Early handicapping the Supreme Court.

5 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Camera Sucks

Professional filmmakers use professional cameras for a reason.

Give Me a Lift! Thoughts on Plastic Surgery Apps

An app for colostomy bags?

Alliance for the Arts Launches Apps for NYC Culture

Transforming how New Yorkers spend their free time.
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