Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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How America Could Change, Along With the Climate

Recognizing that our climate is really changing is only half the battle. There's what to do about it.

‘Pretty Woman: The Musical’ Is So Unpretty

Broadway pimps out a Hollywood title. Don't buy it.

Why Democrats Need to Calm Down

Two words associated with the progressive movement frighten the establishment.

Kids May Realize the Dreams of the Baby Boomers

On days when they’re not getting killed, they're getting screwed out of a future.

Brooklyn Museum Shows Crass Pile of Money in the Form of...

A billionaire paying exorbitantly for a Basquiat is a bad reason to dedicate an exhibition to it.

America First? To the Rest of the World, Now It’s China...

It's an awkward moment to defer world leadership. Now it's a question of who steps into the breach.

8 Nonprofit Phrases, From Least to Most Exploitative, Ranked

"Salary commensurate with experience" and other infuriating phrases used by nonprofits.

The Good, Bad and Political in TPP

Environmental groups, labor unions and others are consulted. But not at the table.

Both Freedom and Equality, not Either-Or

Libertarian belief in their incompatibility is a false conflict.

Founding Visions: Is Flux the New Barter Theater?

In 1933, the Barter Theatre allowed people to trade food for tickets. What about today?

Should 21st Century Artists Be “Performing Policy”?

Artists have always had a hard time making a living.

The Corporate Coup Against Civil Society

Capitalism has been fatally corrupted by corporate interests.

Water as a Weapon of Bloody and Financial War

Either a deadly tool or a time bomb.

UN and US Water Concerns Increase

Global energy consumption, national drought and pollution: all strain water supply.

The GOP’s Phase of Adolescent Rebellion

The shutdown is a catastrophe, and it started with Reagan.

UK Secret Report Proposes Privatizing 3.6 Million Student Loans

Rothschild study calls for retroactively raising loan interest rates to attract private buyers.

Book Review: Broadway and Corporate Capitalism

Three character types graced the Great White Way: Mr. Nervous, Mr. Grind and Mr. Can-Do.
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