Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Do Campaign Promises Matter in Age of Trump? LOLOLOL.

Trump's promises are purely transactional.

Don’t Hate: Third-Party Voters Speak Out

Says a Johnson voter, "The flubs show that long-term pot use is hurtful to the brain."

One Week Later: The POTUS Debate as Theatre

It was always going to be theatrical. It was never going to be fresh.

Reality Trumped: RNC TV

The RNC ends up with a reality show entirely starring villains.

Roger Stone: Donald Trump’s Professional Lord of Mischief

Stone is all set to replace hardcore sex with hardcore violence.

How to Drive Politicians Crazy: Vote

Imagine an election that produces another Lincoln rather than a Trump.

Hillary Inevitable? Maybe, and Here’s Why

Money like Clinton's doesn't come from teaches and bricklayers.

Saving Lives and Jobs Through Smarter Agriculture

Fantasyland: less GMO corn and a living wage for farm workers.

Shut Down, No Shut Down, SCOTUS Won’t Shut Down

Early handicapping the Supreme Court.

Through the Wormhole into 2016

We've been sucked through time and matter into full presidential race mode.
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