Monday, September 24, 2018
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How Cultural Facilities Can Support Creators

Why helping artists is in the interest of cultural facilities.

How the Rise of Big Media Is Disrupting Broadway

Who is the franchise manager for Hamilton? I’d wager there isn’t one.

The Value of Remembering: Memory, Part 2

Good marketing has a good memory.

Brand Identity: Renovate or Build from the Ground Up?

Branding lessons from the concrete world of home renovation.

Letter Writing as a Personal Brand

Art form. Brain booster. Personal brand.

Anti-Feminism: Competition Amongst Women

If you often find yourself feeling bad about yourself due to something a "friend" did, it might be time to cut those ties.

Arts, Sports, Marketing, “Smarketing” — and Me

To a baker, it’s the recipe. To a painter, the palette. To a programmer, the code.

Battle Ballet: Artistic Integrity vs. Commercial Viability

The goal is easy: make everyone happy, all the time.

Bring Back the Olympic Amateurs!

More about athletes, less about nationalism and materialism?

The Ascendancy of the Knitted Hat

Whither the pom-pom?
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