Friday, August 17, 2018
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What Show Must Go On?

What is the point of live performance now that there’s an Internet?

Projection Mapping: The Future of Performance

Thanks, Katy Perry.

Our Lady of the Perpetual Disruption

Audiences don't lack time for performing arts. They don’t want to spend it on us.

Taking Flight: An Interview with Michaela DePrince

Why not more female dancers "darker than a brown paper bag"?

“Keanu Fu” at the Grand Mal Ballet

Innovations within artistic traditions tend to fold in on themselves over time.

If Taylor Swift Says Dance Is Cool, Dance Is Cool

Dance is officially enveloped into the fabric of American pop culture.

Arts, Sports, Marketing, “Smarketing” — and Me

To a baker, it’s the recipe. To a painter, the palette. To a programmer, the code.

Misty Copeland in a Michael Brown World

The struggle for social justice does not end because Misty Copeland has a good commercial agent.

When to Take Your Final Bow? The Performer’s Paradox

“How many more years am I going to do this?”

On the Wit and Theatricality of Clark Tippet

"The only thing we know for sure is that we're all going into the future…"

Battle Ballet: Artistic Integrity vs. Commercial Viability

The goal is easy: make everyone happy, all the time.

When Free People, American Dance Fell On Their Faces

Inauthentic malarkey and ass-hat nonsense.

The After-Effects of the Balanchine Body on American Ballet

George Balanchine was not a racist, but...

Dances of Future Past

The Internet is the end of supply-side dancernomics.

The Cray Cray History of Ballet

Let’s all embrace that ballet history is weird.

Johnny Cash Tribute Dances Around a “Ring of Fire”

The Nashville Ballet's performance celebrated Johnny and June's love.

Knowing When to Fold ‘Em

Why would a successful dance company shut down?

Happy New Year from Vienna!

From Barenboim to "punk ballet," Mozart's home welcomes 2014.

Michael Kaiser Bids Kennedy Center Adieu

An amazing career abruptly changes course.

Bolshoi Ballet Artistic Director Attacked with Acid

Sergei Filin suffers severe facial burns, sight threatened.
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