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Changing Ballet’s Perception Means Embracing Black Bodies

Misty Copeland may have cracked the mold. Now it needs to bust wide open.

The De Wolfe Questionnaire: Jennifer Stahl, Dance Magazine

The Editor in Chief of Dance Magazine on authors, family and changing to running shoes.

More Women in Ballet Must Go From Pointe to Power

Why is it so difficult to see women not just as fouetteing ballerinas but choreographers?

►Performing Arts and Politics: Trying to See the Future

Could the National Endowment for the Arts be defunded -- and affect performing arts?

Let’s Not Shut Up and Dance

A pro-Trump nation is not safe. Let's prepare the next generation of American artists.

Maria Tallchief to “Perfect Crime”: An Interview with Gary Busey

"Critics of art are like eunuchs in harem."

Arts Marketing: Facebook Killed the Video Star

Social media is changing the rules. We have no choice but to play along.

Arts in a Down Economy: An Oklahoma Case Study

"There must be a better answer."

6 Tips for Dancers Entering Audition Season

The phrase "Don't call us, we'll call you" exists for a reason.

Labor Regulations to Hurt Nonprofit Arts?

Of course I want to pay our people better. But.

America’s Benevolent Prejudice of Misty Copeland

Praise her dancing, not her color.

Eating Disorders in the Dance World

"I also know that no one wanted to step on my toes and tell me how to live..."

What’s Missing From Ballet Training? This.

Dance is getting harder. The training isn't.

Yes, Dancers Should Be Fundraising Tools

Where does this mindset shift begin?

Eighth Position: Dancers as Fundraising Tools?

Does being personable to donors affect a dancer's career?

More on Politics, Theater Capacity and the Edifice Complex

Build the church for Easter Sunday or for the whole year?

6 Skills Young Arts Managers Need to Have

Because problem solvers really do need problems to solve.

Marketing Classical Arts in a Modern World

From the war for attention, notes from the battlefield.

What Show Must Go On?

What is the point of live performance now that there’s an Internet?

Projection Mapping: The Future of Performance

Thanks, Katy Perry.
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