Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Mathu Andersen, Rupaul’s Drag Race and How to Win a War

Mathu Andersen: because not all heroes wear capes, but some look amazing in Louboutins.

“Groundhog Day” Is “Groundhog Day” Is “Groundhog Day”

Featuring the most creative five minutes on Broadway right now.

6 Women Working in the Arts: A Springtime Selection

"Some of my favorite articles lately about women working in different art forms."

“Fiorello!” Has “Little Tin Box,” Lotta Musical Glory

It's "musical" in “musical comedy" that takes precedence.

Emmy Talk Is Cheap — Except When It Really Says Something

This year’s Emmy Awards featured a surprising number of moments that elicited genuine hopefulness.

Kanye, Beck and the Grammys: Samsung Weighs In

It not only listens in, it tells you what it thinks!

Say It Isn’t So, Joe! A Personal Reminiscence

I was honored to call him my friend.

Not Just for the Red Carpet: Stylists Considered Broadly

How recent is the advent of the stylist, or have we always had them?

It’s a Marvel Universe!

A marvelous Marvel -- and Debbie Reynolds.
Piper Perabo in Covert Affairs

Why Wasn’t Piper Perabo Up for an Emmy?

The same actors win every year, while great cable shows are consistently ignored.

After the Longest Red Carpet in Emmy History

Seriously? ... Yay! ... Seriously?

The Good, the Bad, the Emmys

The Emmy nominations? Talk about sins of omission.

Bob Fosse Dances Through a New Biography

Sam Wasson looks at a enormously gifted man's chronic lack if assurance.

Ready for Medicare: The Emmy Awards at 65

Two words - Sofia Vergara - it's all downhill after that.

Daytime, Oh, Daytime…Wherefore Art Thou?

Fifty year old "General Hospital" is still the best that daytime has to offer.

The Emmy Nominations Are Out and There’s a “New Girl in...

The new girl's name? Netflix.

…And Now a Word or Two About The Theatre World Awards

Check out the hands-down, no-contest awards show winner.

On the Future of American Symphonies

Frumpy programming doesn't make for successful orchestras.

Rupert Everett and The Sheridan Morley Prize

"Vanished Years" wins valuable 2013 theater biography prize.

Entertation Index Jan. 14 – 25: Cera & Bieber Try Something...

Justin Bieber and Michael Cera both act Justin Bieber's age, and more!