Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Will the Arts Help Us Rediscover Shared Common Values?

In light of massive societal change, modeling the future of the arts is imperative.

Can the Arts Save Mankind From Acquire, Consume, Perish?

Driving violence and environmental destruction.

How to Advance Minority-Run Arts Organizations

Challenges, yes. But success stories, too.

The Lessons of Polyamory for Arts Administrators

How loving multiple people influences my work in the arts.

Labor Regulations to Hurt Nonprofit Arts?

Of course I want to pay our people better. But.

How Do Audiences Respond to Young Transgender Characters?

Aline Lathrop's "Merchild' presents an academic family grappling with their child's gender identity.

Innovation in Arts Funding: Eight “Actual” Responses

Reflections on making theater without funding.

What’s Good: Miley, Nicki and the Politics of Respectability

Can we objectively determine someone else’s value?

Beyond Normalcy with Arlene Malinowski

Arlene Malinowski on using solo shows to change the conversation on mental illness.

Modern Lynchings, Vintage Plays

These women used these plays to profess #BlackLivesMatter in the face of unimaginable horror.

Creating Ourselves Ill

What does it mean when studies show creative professionals have higher rates of mental illness?

Step into the Octagon with Kristiana Colón

Kristiana Colón combines actors and real poets for the ultimate slam poetry showdown

Robert Tenges’s Latest Play is Just, Like, Whatever

A playwright with a teenage son looks at the emotional landscape of adolescence.

Is It Time to Accept Theater’s Obscurity?

Can you guess how many people could name a living playwright?

Finding the Poetry in a Culture at War

Romero's trilogy of plays on the USA at war are "poetic and surprisingly gentle".

Universities Embrace the Arts: What Do Artists Get?

Artists so rarely profit from the value they produce.

A New Home for the Modern Myth

Embracing "wacky" untold stories with one of Chicago's newest companies.

A Manifesto for Theaters and Interns: Part 2

Isn’t that why you’re in the industry anyway?

Strategic Storytelling: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

It takes both history and heart to tell a good story.

A Manifesto for Theaters and Interns, Part 1

A list of do's and don'ts.