Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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On TV, Ovation Pushes Action, Airtime and Applause

On the trail of America's arts network: CFR commentary and Q&A with the COO.

Artists Awakening to Copyright Law’s Importance

Call for "next great Copyright Act" alerts creatives to coming change.

Your Money and My Art

When I put my hand out, I'm not asking for a handout.

American Actors in London

Expats from Alaska give advice on finding a way to the U.K.

What Happens When They Hate It?

We in the theater make the most public of art, so we must accept and acknowledge every opinion expressed.

Surveillance State of the Arts

Welcome to the Panopticon.

Setting the Stage Under Alaska’s Midnight Sun

In the valleys of Alaska's 38 mountain ranges, theater happens. A lot.

LIT Announces Political Endorsements; June 5 Press Event Set

The future of NYC independent theater is at stake.

Where Arts, Education and Tech Fanatics Gather

Since launching ArtsEdTechNYC a few weeks ago, the author finds things suddenly are en fuego.

On Rehearsal

It is impossible to discover anything if you believe you already know what it is.

Two Beliefs

You must track your own individual journey across the tightrope swaying ahead.

Don’t Stay in School

Grad school is a waste of time and money for an actor. But is it a fraud?

The Future Is Unwritten

Let's get started. Let's run like blind lunatics, like lemmings in love with the cliff.

The CIA and Manipulation of Art

The Undercover Crew has utilized paintings from '50s to today.

Smash the Mirror

No one believes that the actors are real people. No one ever has, no one ever will.

The Arts Nonprofit Career: How High Will You Choose to Fly?

Not straying away from expectation and letting fear freeze you dead in your tracks.

She’s Got the Whole World in Her Hands

Bringing people together, creating and nurturing successful collaborations.

Fires and the Road

Up until quite recently, theater was a mobile enterprise.

Notes on Becoming an Independent Theater Artist

Part II of an interview with Scott Walters.

Puppets Are People, Too

Learning to embrace puppetish ways.
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