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Founding Visions: Federal Theatre Project and Devaluing the Arts

Public arts funding is in danger because politicians simply don't understand art.

I’d Like to Begin by Doing the Right Thing…

What a "Welcome to Country" speech could teach North American cultural leaders.

Innovation in Arts Funding: Eight “Actual” Responses

Reflections on making theater without funding.

Oh Canada: Arts Consulting Across the Border

If the U.S. was built on the melting pot, Canada was built on the salad bowl.

Narcissism, Fundraising and Social Media

Lessons from the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Measuring Success in Performing Arts Facilities

Two key principles. One "Balanced Scorecard."

Focus on Filmmakers: Adam Forrester

Filmmaker Adam Forrester spills the dirt on his craft.

Saturn and the Arts: A Challenge

Theatre should stop eating its young, and fund them instead.

Detroit, Deaccession and the Cultural Role of Museums

A museum collection is more than the sum of its artworks.

Here We Go Again: Take Your NEA Battle Cry and Shove...

Can we think outside of the traditional arts advocacy box?

CitiGroup Has 2,909,547 Reasons To Ask Artists For Free Labor

Sometimes an "opportunity" is not an opportunity.

Ten Reasons to Support Passfire on Kickstarter

Everyone loves fireworks!

Advice to the Next Chair of the National Endowment for the...

Four principles to be evangelized.

ArtPlace Names America’s Big 12 Cultural Havens

The foundation cites major coastal cities, others.

On Judith A. Dobrzynski and When Arts Leaders Act Like Lemmings

Nothing is a good idea for absolutely everybody.

Ping Pong Doc Serves Up Case Study in Film Funding

Grants are great for social issue documentaries, but for everyone else there's Kickstarter.

How Will D.C. Use $6 Million in New Arts Funding?

Commission on the Arts's budget to rise from $3.9 million in FY2012 to over $11 million for FY2013.

Haley’s Omit: Overturned

South Carolina still has a state arts commission.

Most States Turn Red, as in Debt, Affecting Arts

Growing fiscal strains for states and cities mean the arts community must get active.

Haley’s Omit

Smug SC Governor vetoes state arts commission funding outright.
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