Thursday, December 14, 2017
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TVY Rising: Peeking Inside Theater for the Very Young

If you don’t spend time around babies, bringing them to the theater may seem strange.

“Groundhog Day” Is “Groundhog Day” Is “Groundhog Day”

Featuring the most creative five minutes on Broadway right now.

I Want to See Less of This “World”

I've lost patience with the limited view of sci-fi shows like "Westworld."

The New Nudity: NYC Alt Theater Keeps Baring All

Naked bodies on Downtown stages have come to signify more than liberation or sex.

Why Nonprofits Must Embrace, Not Fear, Remote Work

With good management, flex work solves lots of problems.

Israel Horovitz on How to Adapt a Play for the Screen

In this podcast, Horovitz describes how he adapted his play My Old Lady into a film.

Time for Plays That Play With Time

Time often takes its own sweet, or bitter, time.

Playwright Bill Rosenfield on Adaptations & Drama Desks

From kicking Tom Hanks off the stage to prepping scripts on the fly.

The Door and the Bridge

Religion, humanism and community in "It's a Wonderful Life".

5 Questions: Tom Gualtieri On “That Play” (Psst! A Solo “Macbeth”)

If you're not having fun playing the most tragic characters in the theatre, you're doing it wrong.

5 Questions: Desiree Sanchez Models Her Modern “Herakles”

"Herakles mistakenly kills his children but thinks he is killing the children of his enemy."