Tuesday, July 3, 2018
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Atlanta Actor Lee Osorio: Aspiring to Affordable Apartments

Even with plenty of work, artists in Atlanta still struggle to find homes they can afford.

No Steamy Beach Books, Only Parenting and Parity

Lay out the towel, slather on the sunblock, catch up on last quarter's parity articles.

For Parent Artists in Theater, Rachel Spencer Hewitt Is a PAAL

For parent artists, a new advocacy network to address needs and raise visibility.

Zaccharin Thibodeau Goes Down

Zaccharin Thibodeau arrested and indicted on multiple counts of felony theft and fraud.

I Made It as an Actor. I Couldn’t Make the Rent.

Together, we can make the rental affordability crisis a priority for America.

NYC Labor Day Parade: Why Equity Actors Marched

A performing arts union collectively steps out -- and celebrates.

The Theater Has a Consent Problem

If we treated real sex like theatrical sex, we’d be rapists.

Intimate Theater, the 99-Seat Plan and Getting Artists Justice

Actors' rights and cultural competency.

The Theater Industry Is the Problem With Theater

We are ignoring the elephant in the room.

The Show Must Not Go On

I am upset by what I found.

“Miss Saigon” at 25

The result is mostly two dimensional.

A Press Room View of the Tony Awards

Jackman hopped, men kissed men, and McDonald made history.

For Actors, Pay-to-Audition Remains Industry Standard

How does this system continue to operate?

Nasty Hobbit of Shorting Actors and Crew

New Zealand changed job law for Peter Jackson's films.

Notes on Becoming an Independent Theater Artist

Part II of an interview with Scott Walters.

Equity’s Showcase Code Sucks? Come to a Party — and Join...

Something significant regarding the Showcase Code that is potentially game-changing.

The Comedy and Tragedy of Actors’ Equity

What kind of union would take pride forcing members to carry around cards segregating them like lepers?

The Joel Vig ‘Hairspray’ Drama Lands in Back Stage

Was Vig manipulated by the producers of "Hairspray"?

British Equity Backs Co. Selling Downloads of Dramas. Will U.S. Equity...

Will Actors' Equity join the march toward the 21st century? Or will the American theater be a backwater?
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